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Who is the greatest player to join the Broncos?

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    wait, I don't know if Champ qualifies in this. By the end of his career he will have played a majority of his years with the Broncos.

    Also, if Jake Plummer would have started off with the Broncos in his caeer, he would have been better off then going to the Cardinals. And his years in Denver weren't horrible.
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      Just thought of another to add to the list...
      Garrison Hearst
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        Lyle Alzado.

        Not the greatest ever, but probably belongs on this list.


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          And if we throw coaches into it,

          Mike Shanahan!


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            Originally posted by Ravage!!! View Post
            I still will make a bet that Champ doesn't make the HoF. I like the guy. I think he's been a great CB. But how many corners are in the NFL. Not many.

            Rod Woodson should be in the HoF and is eligible in 2009. But Rod Woodson's resume is a lot larger (imo) than Champ Baileys. So we shall see, but I don't think he's a shoe-in at all.
            Ravage!!!?? What? I'd like to think you are kidding, but I doubt that. If it's a bet you'er willing to make, I'd take that in a heart beat. I was beat below on some very key reasons on why I think you're wrong. But then again... we each are entitled to our own opinions. I think you'll see the light soon.

            Originally posted by LarryDean View Post
            I understand Ravage!!! point of view but not the reference to Rod Woodson's Resume compared to Champ's ...Rod Woodson only played what 17 years in the league ...Compared to Champ that has played 9.....So Yes Rod Woodson has a much larger resume ....

            In them 17 years ...Rod Woodson was the '93 AP Defensive Player of the Year...11-time Pro Bowler & 6-time first-team All-Pro

            In Champ's 9 years ....8-time Pro Bowler & 3-time first-team All-Pro

            Yes Rod Woodson does have a much larger Resume then Champ...Only area I can see where Champ has 1 better is in single season Int ... If Champ would have to retire in the next 2 years ... The HOF would not vote him in...

            That being said and my homeristic view aside .... If you was to ask anyone that watches football no matter what age group they are in...List the the top 10 CB's of All time ...Champ Bailey would be on everyones list imo...Reasoning for that is because he is ...
            .. because he is....? Yes? Go on? Oh, shall I finish it? of the all time greats at his position if not on the d side of the ball.
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              Either Zimmerman, Neil Smith, or John Lynch.


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                Originally posted by PowderAddict View Post
                Lyle Alzado.

                Not the greatest ever, but probably belongs on this list.
                Alzado started out with the Broncos and then went to Cleveland and then to Oakland.... So he can't be on this list.
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                  you also have to consider how many corners are voted in the the HoF?? Not many. How man great CBs have been great, and didn't make it?

                  Rod Woodson also was voted into the 75th anniversary team and the all decade team. Again.. I'm not saying he's not a good corner.... but is he HoF Great when it comes to being at the corner position???? I don't know. You REALLY have to do something special to be considered for that position in the HoF. Rod Woodson because he was just GREAT. Deion Sanders because of his ability to SCORE once the ball was in his hands....either on INTs or Punt returns. That made him special (although I hate the man). Green will make it because he played 20 years in the NFL and was one of THE fastest up until he retired. I know Champs career isn't over, and he still has time to do more.

                  Do you guys think Ty Law is a HoF corner?


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                    are we talking about the best players ever to COME to Denver..... or the best players to PLAY for Denver after they came here from another team????

                    Because some of the players listed, hardly played for Denver at all, and I'm a bit confused.


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                      Originally posted by Ravage!!! View Post
                      Do you guys think Ty Law is a HoF corner?
                      Well I don't know too much about Ty Law's past so I am in no position to judge.
                      Originally posted by darth-hideous
                      Champ losing a step, just means the rest of the NFL is now only two steps behind.
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                        List begins n ends with Gary Zimmerman! Very likely the best left tackle of all time.

                        Craig Morton deserves a mention, all he did was come here and lead them to their first Super Bowl in his first year!


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                          considering zimmerman is in the hall then it has to be him


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                            Originally posted by JaysusCutler View Post
                            Jake Plummer...
                            I know you are joking


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                              Gary Zimmerman and John Lynch


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                                McCaffrey, Zimmerman, Griffith, Romo, Neil Smith, Schlereth, Morton, Tripucka, Champ, Gonsoulin, Jim Turner.......list can go on and on...