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Raiders expected to Blitz Heavy!!!

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    Originally posted by Fins4Life View Post
    Each year they are throwing at him more and more...if you watch all the games you know this to be truth
    That's the problem! Quite a few people here don't watch the games or they wouldn't say 50% of what I have read in this thread.


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      Originally posted by Fins4Life View Post
      See I need to stop you right best friend for the last 14 years is a Raiders fan, and he is the opposite of a homer. He isnt any label you or the media says Raider fans are. In fact I have met several Raider fans that arent anything like what you are describing.
      Good for your friend. He is what a NFL fan should be. But we aren't talking about your friend here. We are talking about some of the idiots on these forums.

      And of course teams passed on Champ alot last year. When he's trying to stop the run and the receiver at the same time, it's easy to throw it at him. Hopefully this year, he can worry about the receiver and that's all.
      Very happy to have Tebow in orange and blue!!!

      Team Tebow #16


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        Originally posted by BroncosRockdaRockies View Post
        The raiders have aquired what alot are saying to be the best CB tandem since

        the 70's. So defensive coordinator is going to be comfortable with constant

        We'll see what happens Monday night?


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          When i said best CB tandem

          i was referring to the best CB tandem the raiders have seen since the 70's

          Not the best in the league. As far as the raiders go passing all over us at the

          time we had lynch who couldnt cover a reciever b/c he is to old to keep up

          and then we also had foxworth who had a hard time making a play well guess

          what? they are both gone and u are about to be introduced to a new defense

          that u have no inclination of what is about to hit you. As far as the bronco's

          not passing towards your CB's we didnt have to u had no run stopping

          Defense! Look for selvin young, pittman and hillis break through your

          Defense!!! U guys can try to sell your team to someone else b/c i am not

          buying into the fact u are any better at Defense than we are ! As far as

          your Offense goes only new thing u have is Mcfadden and he isnt even

          starting!!! Lelie and Walker they are bronco has beens they didnt work here

          and once again u got our leftovers!!! So now bring something to the table that prove to me u r a better team!!!!