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    Originally posted by Poindexter View Post
    Not to call you out too badly about this statement, but it's a tad bit exaggerated. We were not quite in the bottom. Just barley outside the bottom maybe. There were plenty of teams worse than us last year. Raiders, Rams, Saints, Ravens, Chiefs, 49's, Bears, Bengals who can forget the 1-15 Dolphins just to name a few.

    Yeah we had a bad season last year and maybe we do need to earn our way back into respectability, but I do believe we have all the tools this year, and I am confident that our Defense will make a showing this year. Bates is gone and now we have a simpler, smarter defensive scheme that keeps each player where they should be, doing the job they are supposed to do. No more of that gimmicky crap Bates had us trying to do at the start of last season. More importantly we don't have the laundry list of injuries we sustained last season.

    I believe after we beat the Sparklers (oh and we will!) we will have some of that respect back.
    well not to call you out either but we lost to both the raiders and the bears

    but just because you HAVE the tools doesnt make you a respectable team, you have to show you can use those tools

    i mean just because i have a bunch of wood, nails, a saw and a hammer doesnt mean i can build a deck.

    we have the POTENTIAL to be a very dangerous team this year, that is as far as im going with that, your right though we have to win back our respect and we can start with the chargers hopefully