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    Problem here is we havn't seen results, only promise. Cutler has shown at times (like last week) that he can be the best QB in the league if he's consistent(sp?). Big Ben is an above average qb, but not an elite. Reason being his defense is pretty good and bails him out more often than not. The only time he did good in the post-season (rookie year) he 'managed' the offense and showed nothing more than trent dilfer did when baltimore won the SB.

    Also Mcnabb when healthy is in the top 3, he is the only QB I can recall that had as good a touch on the deep ball as cutler. Romo and Brady and manning are more accurate than cutler and mcnabb but have weaker arms and less mobility.

    Can cutler become the top qb in the league? yes, is he right now? no, probabley ranked 5 or 6 atm.


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      Originally posted by DoJo Chargerfan View Post
      I certainly think that Cutler has the arm and the legs to be a top QB in this league, but so does Jamarcus Russel and Kyle Bowler (who dropped a football in a trash can 50 yards away) but he has to get over the hump and prove that he could lead his team to wins. I think it's very very very unfair to QB's like Romo, Rothlisberger, Rivers, and other QB's on a good team that you knock them down just because they're on a good team. There's been some VERY good QB's in the league that were on some HORRIBLE teams and you probably never heard of them. Unless Cutler could lead his team to wins and the Broncos could put a team around him then he could be forgotten.
      Not trying to start smack, just being honest, because honestly, does anyone believe that Troy Aikmen is a UNBELIEVABLE QB? The only reason he is in the same catagorie as QB's like Favre and Marino of his era is because of his SB's. Cutler must win, plain and simple.
      Yeah, we get it, Cutler is not Rivers equal until he wins.

      And yes, I do think Aikman was "UNBELIEVABLE", his accuracy was the best in the league during his career, imo, right up there with Dan Marino. He got Michael Irvin into the HoF......well......Aikman and Offensive Pass Interference got him into the HoF.

      I don't see how you make this argument against Aikman but in the same post you expect us to ignore it when you make your case for Rivers. That's some pretty sound logic......


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        Originally posted by stnzed View Post
        3rd! Behind Manning and Brady, imo.

        He's as complete a QB as you'll find, in no time he'll be vying for top honors......
        Yes, I agree. I left Brady out only because he's not playing this year . . .



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          Top 5 THIS YEAR

          I'm going to make a bold prediction and say that Cutler will throw at least 30 TD's this year, as long as our offense stays healthy.

          1. Payton Manning
          2. Jay Cutler
          3. Tony Romo
          4. Drew Brees
          5. Big Ben