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    Originally posted by dbf07 View Post
    Maybe we are heading in a new direction. Maybe we used to thrive off of play action because of the QB level we had. I think Mike has a lot of confidence in Jay and our new O line. I think we are just using the weapons we have to best of our ability. I also think things will start evening out and we will see a more even number of runs and passes.

    I do love the way we started and I cannot wait to see the next game.

    I agee. I state the 'new philosophy' theory in a post a couple up.


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      Originally posted by WoodyInvincible View Post
      That would be too many men on the field then. 2te, 2 wr, 1hb + 1fb = 12 men on the field...

      but yeah I'd like shanny to mix up the playcalling a bit more. becoming one dimensional is never good for a team especially come the playoffs.
      opps my bad, i meant a half back or lone full back..but either way, that keeps em guessing


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        I thought I was watching a college game with the spread offense that has taken over at the ncaa level

        Thanks Snk


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          Originally posted by jhildebrand View Post
          The empty back field worked much better today than in the past. However, it also contributed to Cutler's red zone pick. The D knows it will be a pass and can tee off on the O line.

          This team thrives on play action and mis direction and that is pretty hard to do without a RB in the backfield.

          actually cutler and cutler alone is responsible for that int it was horrible had had an open michale pittman swinging outside, he looked didnt check down and tried to force a ball between 3 defenders to royal....oh and royal was behind all 3. jay sometimes thinks his rocket arm is a little to good. had he thrown to pittman i have no doubt he would have scored and we would have seen a different scenario unfold.....

          having an empty backfield showed san diego what we were doing and they still couldnt stop us. shanny has all the right in the world to keep it up if they let you pass for 350 yds and 4 td's


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            play calling

            I think we will see a lot of different things from Shanny this year. Don't believe for a minute that he has given up on play action and bootlegs. He just came up with a game plan he figured would work against SD an it did.

            If you saw the game maybe you will recall that at the beginning, when the announcers were talking about Jay. They quoted Shanny as saying the whole play book was now open to him. Unlike the last few years where he had to plan to his teams strengths and weaknesses.I am looking forward to seeing some good old Bronco's football this year with lots of play action and boot legs in the future.
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