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    Originally posted by BroncFanIN View Post
    Got a question: Whose name was called by the commentators/analyst most during the game, Champ Bailey or Cromartie?
    Follow up: Who gave up more passes, and was penalized in the backfield on either team...Cromartie or Bailey?

    Yes, Bailey was thrown on. Yes, you could tell he was frustrated by those passes being completed.

    Bailey is not the weak spot in the backfield. Yesterday, it was Paymah who was the weak spot.
    I agree, Champ is fine. It was good coverage on Chambers on that play, the ball was just shot putted perfectly.

    The real question should be, what the hell was Paymah doing still out there? It reminded me a lot of the Roc Alexander days. Is Jack Williams hurt? He couldn't have been any worse.

    They also need to get a pass rush. Rivers had all freaking day. If we can't hurry Brees next week, the game will be 49-45.

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      Champ Bailey

      Guys look it, unless our front 4 gets signifigant pressure on the quarterback, Champ is gonna be left on an island by himself to cover. If it takes a perfect throw to beat Champ, i can live that. The guy is amazing. I thought he played well yesterday, and ya, he got burned on Chambers touchdown, but he was right there. Unfortunately it was a pertect pass from that bum Phillip Rivers lol. GO Broncos 2-0 !!!!


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        The bomb TD was unfortunate. It reminded me of the 04 game against the Faiders because his long TD to Porter over Bailey was, like in this game, perfectly thrown. Champ missed it by inches. 95% of CBs in the league are nowhere near the WR in that situation. Watching that play again, is it just me or did Lowry pull up for a split second thinking that Champ makes the tackle? Because I reckon he could have popped Chambers before he got to the endzone. But I can't really fault him, he just didn't quite have the range to get there in time. In any case it was an excellent play by Chambers and a near perfect throw by Rivers.

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          Champ is still a great defender, every players moments when the guy they are covering catches a pass. We just need to focus on the positive things...we won the game and we need to continue to improve if we want to keep winning....and also stay healthy!!

          Go Broncos!!


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            Originally posted by stnzed View Post
            Not any Charger fans that I've seen, according to the Charger fans around here "Cro" is the best athlete since Bo Jackson and a Top5 player in the entire NFL.

            But ya know what, dMoney27? Even if "Cro" and Bailey were Top5 players in the league, they'd still get beat.

            Your saying that Champ Bailey isn't even playing "Good" tells me all I need to know about you......thanks for playin......
            Eh... Champ definitely didn't play his best game yesterday. Come to think of it, he wasn't that good vs. the Raiders either. Rivers targeted him a lot yesterday and was not afraid to throw it his way.

            That said, Champ played better than Cromartie. He was disappointing at best and hip bruise or not, he's not living up to his own hype. Maybe he should shut up about the 15 ints this year and learn from Jammer how to cover.

            Jammer may not make the highlights with the interceptions, but IMHO, he's one of the best corners in the league... up there with Champ, Asomougha and those other "elite" corners.


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              There's nothing wrong with Champ. Get over it. As a DB you win and lose by inches and with NO pass rush the QB is going to make plays.

              He's still the best and maybe now he'll get tested a little more and have more opportunities to get some picks.