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    Alot of people want to pin the Sproles kickoff return on Niko.........Not saying I disagree but we can't count him out yet because he made a mistake. Afterall if I remember correctly it was a reffing mistake by the best ref in the NFL that allowed us a chance to win the game. People are allowed to make mistakes from time to time. I think Niko underestimated the speed and elusiveness of Sproles along with the entire starting defense. Clearly he was the fastest player at Invesco Field yesterday and we weren't prepared for that. This next week we will see how things go against Reggie Bush.
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      I hope someone on the Broncos coaching staff or one of the players reads this:

      When we punt, please aim for the ball to go out of bounds!

      Then our lousy punt coverage has no effect. Not to mention, we will probably get the opposing team actually pinned inside the 20 sometimes.


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        What I know for sure: Niko is disgusting, it is almost painful to see him play. And I'm including his preseason and regular season performances until now. He was lazy, moving like a sloth when Sproles ran right beside him. He lost the job to Webster, and that's a bad sign. I don't know if he lost motivation for becoming a backup, but even his ST contribution is zero. Waste of money and roster spot. I hope he is out of Denver next season.


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          Issues with our special teams really isn't anything new. For the past several seasons every time we kick the ball I hold my breath a little because I have a feeling we're going to have one run back. They always hurt momentum too, as was the case yesterday when we just go up 21-3 and we allow one for a td.

          Prater is doing a little better that Elam was but it's like he's 2 or 3 yards off....gets it just to the goal line or just inside allowing for the runbacks. So while we ALWAYS seem to start at the 20, opposing teams seem to always start at their 35 or better.

          As for our runbacks, when the do happen we always seem to get stalled at the 25. Let's face it, we haven't had an exciting return man since Darrent. I don't know if Hall has that type of breakaway speed needed....would Colbert be an option? What about Jack Williams? Has to be some other options.

          When it comes to our coverage, comes back to staying in our lanes, seems like the runner attacks that first level and then breaks through once we break contain. Obviously teams have caught onto our schemes...or lack there of because they've been running kicks back on us for a couple of years.

          Let's hope for some better results because as bad as our D played in the second half to me it all starts with special teams...when they keep giving the other team a short field to work with makes it extremely tough for the D.