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Blitzing in the NFL is a must...and MOre is better...

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  • Blitzing in the NFL is a must...and MOre is better...

    Why dont we take some game film sit in a room (Mr.Slow)

    Whatch the Eagles and Pitt game and duplicate the scheme?

    We have a Lito Shep, and a Asanti, the Dawkins part I

    understand but they BLITZED on 50% of PFS...WOW

    50%... I say let the boys go, unleash the LB'ers...

    You saw an Elite team in total what the FUX is going

    on mode... Giants do the same thing... Ya, we will get

    torched sometime, but its better than them staying on the

    field for 7:00 drives then giving up a 1 yard TD run...

    Gives our D a chance to get off the field and our O

    to stay on... I would give up 1 or 2 big plays a game for

    a 6 sack game and 12 QB pressures any day... Lets please

    get a system that is working for all the great D's around the

    league...Blitz, and than when that fails, BLITZ AGAIN...
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    I totally agree with you! If you watch the best defenses right now (Ravens, Eagles) they are flying to the ball and blitzing a ton. We've got to take chances and be aggressive as a defense because we don't have the secondary to cover receivers for 10 seconds (no one does) and we don't have a Dline that can put pressure on a quarterback with a 4 man rush. Blitz, Blitz, Blitz and let them make a mistake.


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      True Dat Brother


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        I say try it. It couldn't make the defense worse.
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          Originally posted by NFLCRAVE.COM View Post
          True Dat Brother
          Only one post and already a Banned User?


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            Look, nothing wrong with Blitzing, some of the best defenses in the NFL are some of the best Blitzing teams.
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