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Goodbye Pins, Hello Elvis Dumervil

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    Originally posted by BRONCOS_OWN_U16 View Post
    what are you talking about. he had a sack against detroit.

    he had 2 sacks against the jags.
    he had 1 against the chargers and 1 against the vikings.

    those teams have good lines.

    face it, dumervil can rush the passer weather you like it or not.
    1 sack against Detroit is nothing. 2 sacks against the Jags is pretty good but David Garrard can run and I don't remember if he was scrambling or not when that happened. It may have not been the O-lines fault. Plus Jacksonville's line was only a little above average at best last season. 1 sack against the Chargers is good I guess but I can guarantee it didn't come on Marcus McNeill. Same for the Vikings it wasn't on Bryant McKinnie. Both of those teams have a weak RTs and Elvis Dumervil got the sack on them.

    I'm still not convinced that he's an elite pass rusher. A good one yes but not elite.


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      It might help Elvis if somebody else would apply some pressure, so he doesnt get doubled up, and then chip by a back too, because noone else s near the QB. Time for some more blitzing, and press coverage to help out the D line.

      I think Ben Tate will be the best back taken in the 2010 draft. (5/3/10)
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