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jay cutler on the hot seat

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    Originally posted by Chidoze View Post
    I wonder if he means Jay will be on ESPN's segment they do during sportscenter called the Hot Seat....where they interview players that are performing well.

    Dunno if they still do that, but that would make more sense to me than just saying that Jay is on the hot seat as if his job were on the line or something.
    i could be

    i think bill williamson is just talkin about the afc west hot seat player. he does it every week in his blog

    first week was deangelo hall (for obvious reasons )
    second week was antonio cromartie (for obvious reasons )
    jamarcus russell in the third week
    and now jay cutler


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      This is a man who keeps his pitiful writing career on life support by keeping all of us who don't live in New England apprised of what it's like to be a whiny BoSox/Pats/Celtics/Bruins fan.

      He knows nothing, and certainly doesn't care, what happens west of the Hudson. His opinion means less to me than something I scrape off my shoe.