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Who will return kickoffs??

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      Originally posted by cvnorton View Post
      Okay so he's small I'll just name a few all-pro returners and their size.

      Eddie Royal 5'10" 185
      Devin Hester 5'11" 190
      Dante Hall 5'8" 187
      Darren Sproles 5'6" 181

      Point is let the man return kicks. If he gets hurt it was meant to be. If he gets hurt on a crossing route are we going to blame the coaches for sending a small undersized receiver over the middle? C'mon guys put the people in the game that can actually help us win by getting us better starting field position. With our Defense we need all the yards we can muster on special teams.
      You are right on the mark! Royal came to us with a multi faceted background, and if we fail to use all his talents, we are wasting opportunities. He is small, but very strong. You know all of that, so I won't preach anymore. Like you, I can't believe people are worrying about hard hits and such. Any player can get hurt on any play, but that's not how you approach the game of football. And I don't like using the Pats as an example, but last year, when they could have easily gone down as the best team in football history, I seem to recall how they used Brady and most of their best players until the end of many one sided games. That was risky....yes. But the point was made.....they came to win and stay tough for 60 minutes. Royal is tough and can do many things. Lets get all we can out of this phenom.


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        Me, i will volunteer to return a few... Cant be any worse than how our special teams is playing now!

        on a serious note, this just in:

        Bronco fan gets killed trying to return a kick..

        I say Royal should get a shot at it... martinez has fumblitis
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