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our running game is terrible

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    The running game is in my opinion, a type of "fools gold" for this team this year.

    Yeah yeah, we are 10th in the league in yards per game...

    Our running backs our averaging good yards per carry...

    But the thing that fails, just like usual... is the time during the game when we need to get that 3 yards, we don't execute.

    Not taking anything away from Michael Pittman, because he has been doing a very good job in short yard situations. But with Young and Hall, they just don't have that push that we need in a desperate and critical situation.

    I'm really hoping Torain is as hyped as Shanahan has been saying... because as we get closer to winter, and the weather conditions get worse, teams are going to NEED to run the ball to win.


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      I wouldn't say our running game is terrible, but it does need to get better. In games where our passing attack is limited, like against Tampa, it's very important for us to be able to gut it out with the run. Unfortunately we can't do that right now, and I think it's mostly due to the backs we have. Let's face it, Selvin Young and Andre Hall are nothing more than change-of-pace runners. I had hoped that one of them would emerge by this point but they haven't. However there is Ryan Torain, and it will be great if he can take the starter's role and be fresh for the tough months of November and December, when running the ball becomes more important in inclement weather.

      From what was coming out of training camp leads me to believe that Torain can be the man, but only when healthy. Unfortunately that qualifier is a big one. If Torain can stay healthy then I would love a combo of him and Michael Pittman (who is arguably our current best RB), with the occasional dose of Young and Hall between the 20's. If we are able to run like I think we could with Torain then our offense could add a new dimension that would only make things easier for Cutler and the passing game.
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        I'm worried about Torain's ability to stay healthy.

        Not to knock him too much, but he hasn't been healthy free throughout college, and now in his young years in the NFL.

        Another thing that "knocks" him is that he really does run too upright for the type of runner he is.

        He's a bruiser, up the gut type of back... and the taller he runs, the greater chance of a huge hit and injury on him.


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          I continue to describe our running game as ordinary. The YPC are good! Pittman has scored some TDs down where it counts. And the guys are playing hard. But so far, this group do not look like playoff material. Like most here, I am eagerly awaiting the return of Torain. He may be the guy that takes it to another level.

          When I think of playoff contender running game, I think of teams that can muster a few 1st downs in a row, when you are into the second half, and the game is in the balance, or you want to put the last nail in the coffin. I think of teams that shove it down your throat, when you need to make a statement, or when the weather dictates that you have to run that day.

          So right now we are pass oriented, as we definitely have the weapons for that style, and we run to complement the amazing passing attack. But if forced to go the other way (for various reasons), I just don't feel we can. Again, I'm a John Riggins fan from way back, and that's not a fair comparison right now (based on our strategy and personnel) pardon my personal preferences. And naturally I was a TD fan, and I do see the possibility of us getting back to that type of offence - great QB, solid Oline, excellent receivers....just missing one ingredient....maybe it's Torain.


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            Well Selvin can forget about 2000 yards. I would like to see him get more carries. Maybe at Hall's expense, who I do like, but Young has more breakaway potential.

            Pittman is money on the goal line or 3rd and short. I was skeptical when we signed him, but I'm impressed so far.

            And what about those handoffs to B.Marsh? Those never get as many yards as his shortest catches.

            "Unremarkable" is how I would describe the running attack. Maybe Shanahan just wants to see if any of these guys are The Guy.



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              Originally posted by Ravage!!! View Post
              The pass has always set up the run....
              Disagree. When you run I formation (which we have done with regularity), you are dictating "run" to the defense. When you run PA bootlegs (which we're pretty much known for), you are setting up the pass with the run. Without a doubt, the Broncos under Mike Shanahan is traditionally a run-first team. That's not to say that we're not balanced, but the bootlegs and PA rollouts that we're known for just don't work without first establishing the run.

              Up until recently the spread formations were really only a wrinkle. Now it seems to be our bread and butter. The problem with pass-first as a philosophy is that you pressure the defense with short possessions, you can't control the clock, and you struggle to protect the QB. If you can score on most of your possessions and the D can do its part, you can be okay. But if you face a slugfest, your QB will get hit a lot and your D will be sucking wind unless you can win games on the ground.
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                I think these guys are productive i just think they arent getting a rythym for a lack of carries. JMO