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Clayton calls Broncos "Pretenders".

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    i dont listen to ESPN...after week 3 they called us contenders, now were pretenders...make up ur minds, or just shutup....preferably the second one


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      I'm not bent out of shape by Clayton's comments because Denver does not get any respect. We beat teams that were and are play off caliber teams and the analysts always find fault with the Broncos from blown calls to the opponent just having a bad day. Other lose or struggle against teams that they are supposed to beat and nothing negative is said. My point is everyone has their own opinion. I don't think we are a SB team at this point but I do think we have the basic building blocks to get to that point. I think we have just a good of a chance as anyone at this point. Though I would like for someone to tell me what team is a SB team at this point. The Cowboys, Redskins, or the Giants. Each of these teams have weaknesses that can be exploited. I guess its all a matter of opinion.


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        Originally posted by dman444 View Post
        He's the dumb one?
        Originally posted by bjohnson1969 View Post
        Are you referring to me??

        Sorry no offense to anyone but those two posts right next to each other made me laugh


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          The guy has a point. I love the direction the team is going, if they are not contenders yet they are well on their way.

          But, this is still a young team with many new parts. As stated earlier, the next two weeks will tell a lot about the team. If Denver can win both, and SD loses one or both of the next two games, Denver will have a strong stranglehold on the division that will be tough for SD to overcome. If Denver maintains it's two game lead on the division going into the bye I will be very pleased with how the season has played out to date.

          Again, this team is not a finished product, the fact that they have not only been competetive but have managed 4 wins in 5 games has shown me that they are on the right track.

          Go Broncos!!


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            I thought Clayton's wife called Clayton a pretender

            Just garbage. Keep winning and they will see!

            I work at Vanderbilt University

            Where Jay Graduated!

            I tell you I love Elway! He was my hero growing up. I loved the way he threw the ball with velocity! I love that in a QB. This is why I am a Cutlerfan!!


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              Ok, I wasnt going to comment

              On this, because Im used to the Broncos getting hated on by the East Coast, in fact I have posted comments about that before. Here is where John Clayton is in my opinion ridiculous and biassed. He noted that we should be 2-3 and cited the bad call. He didnt come from the angle of well the chargers still should have stopped us, so thats his opinion, but I think its the easy road and not the fair road.

              Next, he indicated that if Gramatica makes that kick the game is over. Now there was 1:50 seconds on the clock and the Broncos had a time out! Why would that game have been over? Everyone (objectively) will admit that our offense is potent. Is it being overtly optimistic that we could drive back down the field and put our kicker in position to hit a field goal? The fact that he dismissed that, lends me to believe he doesnt know what the hell he is talking about, or not being truly objective.

              Lastly, he noted our problems on defense as the reason why we are pretenders, yet he said that Sandiego is a contender. Espn just this morning said that their offense is struggling, and their pass defense is worst in the league. So how are we pretendenders and they are contenders????? Denvers offense is slowing, but thats deferent than what he said about Sandiego's, (his words).... I would hope that his comments are before the Tampa game, because if not, him being an NFL expert and making these comments, means to me he doesnt know what the hell he is talking about!!!!!!

              For the record, what I believe is, right now we can play with anyone in the league. Does that make us a contender for the future, probably not. So what Im saying is this speculation although fun, is nothing but that. You could be playing well thru week 7, and like crap from 7-16.
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                Originally posted by Ravage!!! View Post
                wow.. I didn't know you had to be an athlete to know sports. Interesting. How many sports do you suppose Bill Parcells played, or Bill Belicheck? I'm pretty sure Bill Walsh wasn't an athlete.... nor Shula. Hmmm... interesting indeed.
                i know people already posted what these guys have done, but i was just gonna poin out that if you saw that clip of Art Donovin on Carson, he mentions watching Shula because he was a former team-mate.

                i liked that he said: "i don't really waste time watching Tamba Bay or San Diego play... (hahahahahaha) but I'll watch Shula or Ditka..."

                Originally posted by Maharishineo View Post
                Nah, the worms don't do him justice. Maybe in personality. But he always reminds me of the professor from South Park. Anyway...

                "If Ed Hoculi doesn't make that call, the Broncos lose that game."


                "If Martin Gramatica makes that field goal, the Broncos lost that game."

                Oh really? I guess only John Clayton is aware of some unusual rule that automatically runs off the final two minutes of a game...

                I know one Bronco team that knows how to win a game with 2 minutes left. Heck... they can put themselves in position to win with only 18 seconds left

                so... two minutes seems like an eternity to them... and I don't know why Clayton would think a measly field goal would've cost us that game because Prater said it himself, that he wasn't worried because "we would have just marched down and I would have kicked the game winning field goal" haha.

                suck on that Clayton.

                Originally posted by mopatt24 View Post
                Of course he would, I mean c'mon its John Clayton of ESPN aka the Crypt Keeper. This just reminds me why I dont watch ESPN's coverage of the NFL.
                I thought Al Davis was the Crypt Keeper?

                Originally posted by Ravage!!! View Post
                Lets be honest though guys... after the Chiefs game, we would ALLLLLLL agree that the Broncos were pretenders. The next two weeks is a HUGE test for us to see where we stand.

                If we beat Jax, that won't be a GREAT win because they are struggling. But they DID play a GOOD game against the Steelers who is considered a contender. So if we beat the Jaguars, thats a step forward in being considered a contender. If we beat the Patriots after that, then there is no doubting we are contenders sitting at 6 wins.
                I agree Rav. I posted a few of our "tests" earlier in the season and so far we've only failed one (KC). Jax was one of them because they seem to always have our number, and NE was the other (before the bye anyway) because they're both AFC teams and if we can get past those hurdles, the first half of our season will be set up quite nicely.

                The other tests I had on there were the Jets (simply because they're an AFC team and now that the Chargers have beaten them, this could be a tie breaker, like many other teams both of our teams play i.e. Miami, NE, etc).

                Miami is actually probably going to have to be added to the list as their defense is looking pretty stellar. Their pass rush might give our O-Line it's first true test of the season.

                anyway, John Clayton irritates me. Actually the majority of analysts do because they sit there and spout out all of their "knowledge" and at the end of the day, it all boils down to who will play better on a given day.



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                  who cares id rather we prove them wrong and then witness their faces when they find out they were dead wrong


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                    Originally posted by Ravage!!! View Post
                    wow.. I didn't know you had to be an athlete to know sports. Interesting. How many sports do you suppose Bill Parcells played, or Bill Belicheck? I'm pretty sure Bill Walsh wasn't an athlete.... nor Shula. Hmmm... interesting indeed.

                    You guys know you are going to hurt mojo's and tned's feelings with that kind of attitude.
                    Bill Parcells was a linebacker at the University of Wichita (now Wichita State) and was actually drafted by the Detroit Lions.

                    Bill Belicheck attended Wesleyan University in Middletown, Connecticut where he played center/tight end. In addition to being a member of the football team, he also played lacrosse and squash, serving as the captain of the lacrosse team during his senior season. His dad played in the NFL.

                    Bill Walsh attended San Mateo Junior College for two years as a quarterback. He then transferred to San José State, where he played as a tight end and a defensive end. He also participated in intercollegiate boxing.

                    Don Shula, you are correct, a little, he played in HS and College but didnt start on either team... but then, In 1951 Shula signed with the Cleveland Browns, but rarely got on the field. On March 26, 1953, he was traded to the Baltimore Colts in what was, at that time, the largest NFL player trade ever made, involving 15 players. Shula played with Baltimore for four seasons before finishing his playing career with the Washington Redskins. In his seven NFL seasons, Shula played in 73 games, intercepted 21 passes and also recovered four fumbles.

                    Im not sure i have to many thoughts on this thread, i am a person who never played organized sports after HS and i follow sports religously, I think until the day i die i will not truly understand it because i never played it, So yeah i kinda think in order to be an EXPERT Id hope you have tried it out. But thats just me.


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                      Originally posted by silkamilkamonic View Post
                      Don't have to agree with him, but the fact is, Clayton is arguably the most respected NFL analyst out there. He's right far more often than wrong and he's the4 only NFl analyst out there right now who actually has logical arguments to back up his opinions.

                      You don't have to agree with him. I don't and think he's wrong on this one, but don't start trashing the guy because he "disrespects" your team by opinion.
                      but it's still just an opinion.
                      he says that now and then if the broncos win the next two weeks we are contenders. stop taking what the media says so seriously. It's too early in the season to take stock into a any one's media person's opinion at this point
                      Bronco fan 33 years and counting, GO BRONCOS!


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                        I think Clayton is a good analyst and I think he is right about the Broncos. We need to prove that we are contenders and start dominating games like we did against Tampa. If we do that a few more weeks and we will be contenders.
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