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I'm a die hard bronco fan in wisconsin

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    Die hard fan

    Originally posted by BroncoDude87 View Post
    For the last 6 weeks I haven't be able to watch any Bronco games because they haven't shown any Bronco games Wisconsin not even CBS and FOX It just sucks. And I'm stuck with the boring Packers without Favre.And I have to wait until next Monday night
    I live in Miami and all I have to say is thank goodness I have direct TV and the NFL ticket each year so I don't have to miss any of the Bronco games. All though I have been here for years I can not remember seeing any Bronco fans here at all. I think I am the only one in Miami but thats fine with me, cause I still fly my flags and wear my Bronco jerseys all the time. I just hope we can spank the fish when they visit Denver, cause if the Broncos lose to the fish I will never here the end of it. Fish fans can be very annoying.


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      does anyone have a sopcast link?