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Has our Defense really improved?

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    Truth about the Jaguars

    Originally posted by Ravage!!! View Post
    I'm curious if you have been keeping up with the NFL this season so far?

    The Jags have lost their two starting guards for the season in game one, and one back up. Their OTs have been playing poorly as well. Their defensive secondary has been a weakness of their team, and their RBs aren't getting much room to run due to their injured OL.

    Now... do I think this is going to be an easy game? Not in the least. I think this will be a very tough game. But I still disagree with you on the statemet that TB ran all over us. I think you are looking at teh stats, and didn't watch the game.
    Who is the "one backup" you are referring to? Right guard Chris Naeole, or the left tackle Richard Collier? FYI Naeole was not on the team in Week 1 and will come back later this year. Collier is done with football forever.

    You obviously were not watching the Jaguars/Colts game. Many Jaguars fans were raving about the offensive line's performance at all five positions, saying they played like nobody was missing. Some Jaguars fans are even saying Khalif Barnes, the left tackle, might be deserving of a trip to the Pro Bowl.

    The secondary does not have Drayton Florence or Reggie Nelson because of injuries. While I do not wish injuries on anybody, I think that fact will help us because Jacksonville is better with them on the field.


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      Originally posted by taunte007 View Post
      you know imi not even sure about our d , but im also not sure about some people on these messages boards. right away instead of just making the point , he takes a shot at everyone saying he is not a blind homer like everyone one needs the oprah bullcrap just say what u gotta say about our broncs.get in and get out and hopefully we can concentrate on the actual points being made by the true fans and the blind homers and have some fun doing it.
      Go back and re-read my post. I didn't take a shot at anyone right away. I made my points and then like most of these people do when you say something bad about our team they question your fanhood. I was just stating that I am a true fan but not a blind homer.


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        Originally posted by beastlyskronk View Post
        The only improvement that I saw was in the pass rush. I don't think our run defense did any better. Tampa rushed for 139 total yards on us.

        Last season Jacksonville ran all over us and mainly kept the ball away from us. The final score doesn't tell the whole story of the game. Even though we lost by 9 we were pretty much dominate. Didn't we have the ball for like 20 minutes the whole game?
        your reading the box score not WATCHING the game take away the few big runs and I bet they average under 3


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          Has our defense improved? In short, NO. Todays game I expect J'ville will torch Denver with the run. I know they've had problems in that aspect but it seems any team with offensive problems seem to magically find a cure when they play Denver. J'ville's scheme will to be to run, run and run some more to keep the ball away from Cutler and Co.

          I still think Denver will win by three, but Denver has not resolved its defensive problems. This will be a season long problem.


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            Originally posted by Chaboyer View Post
            your reading the box score not WATCHING the game take away the few big runs and I bet they average under 3
            Well guess what you can't just take the big runs away and seeing as how teams can consistently get at least 1 big run on us a game this will continue to make our defense look bad.