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    Originally posted by griff75 View Post
    what about a middle linebacker

    thats true, but I think you can make a ML out of a solid players easier than into a great corner or something. Dj is an amazing linebacker, and boss's speed makes them deadly. I just dont think a ML is our biggest need...maybe a 5 round pick player from a smaller school who has a ton of potential..Wow do I wish we had Al wilson back!


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      Originally posted by Roddoliver View Post
      This is totally untrue. Our DBs can't make INTs, just face it. The lack of pass rush makes things worse, but even when the QB is pressured he manages to beat our coverage. You should watch the other teams and how their secondary works. How many times has Cutler been sacked? He has plenty of time to throw right? And even so he already threw 5 INT, I think. If pass rush is what brings INTs, exclusively, Cutler should have around 0 INTs.

      Other teams make INTs even when pass rush fails because their safeties are fast and agile, and their CBs don't play loose coverage. Not to mention the work of their LBs in coverage.
      not really the best argument to use throwing cutler in there... his interceptions arn't really so much the opposing defense as they are cutler forcing a throw to marshall in double coverage...a pass rush will greatly improve even our secondary....period. you give a QB all day he'll make plays, presure him and he can't find the option he wants and has to either take what he gets, throw it away or take the sack, you simply can't argue against the pass rush greatly increasing all aspects of our pass d (including int's) we have champ who's perfectly capable and bly has had his fair share of int's in the past so bum or not he's capable of doing it in the right situation as well

      *edit* further more saying "even when we get pressure we don't get int's" presure isn't an everytime guarentee that your going to get an int it takes consistant pressure to get a qb frustrated and off his game (for further proof see several years back in the playoffs when we had consistant pressure on manning what it did to him) pressuring the QB every once in awhile will just make him think...better get rid of it and try again. do it often and he gets more desperate.
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        I personally do believe the defense is better than it was 4 or so games ago. It's still not a dominating D by any means but It has seemed to improve somewhat.

        I agree that next year we really need to concentrate on defense in the draft. My personal choices would be to take the highest MLB we can get and then use our other picks on the D-line and perhaps one safety.

        If by some chance we are still in need of a hard hitting ballhawking safety in 2010? Eric Berry from UT will be coming out that year unless he comes out as a junior? I have watched a lot of football over the years and he really reminds me a LOT of Steve Atwater when he was in his prime. If anything I think he has better hands than Steve had along with being just as much of a hardnosed hitter.