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Week 7 Looking very Promising for Broncos!

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    Great post BroncosRockDaRockies... I'm excited about this matchup too. Plus one of my coworkers is a Pats fan so, I'm looking forward to making fun of him. Thanks for giving us a bright spot in this dirty, backed-up toilet of negative posts.

    Originally posted by Roddoliver View Post
    Nah, to finish with 4 wins is not for the Broncos. That's more for the Raiders in recent years and for the Chargers throughout history. And I also think your team already has enough SBs.
    Isn't he a chargers fan? They dont have any SB's.
    There goes the franchise...


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      Originally posted by basbllplaya26 View Post
      McCain couldnt come up with something so well written
      You mean McCain's speech writters couldn't come up with something so well written?
      Looking forward to a great 2009 season!


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        The bottom line is simple - 5-2 is a hell of a lot better than 4-3, and a necessary win to keep the Chargers in pursuit. It may feel like the Broncos have played three or four of these already this season, but there’s no doubt this a must-win game for Denver. They need to head into the bye week with momentum, keep pressure on the Chargers, and prepare for the second half of the season, where they’ll play five of their remaining nine games on the road.