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Is Week 7 Champ's time to shine?

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    Originally posted by rockreptile View Post
    Champ has been outstanding all year... His worst game was SD and that was a WIN.
    he's been solid.
    I doubt New England will try to go at Champ... It's just so smart, Not to throw the ball in his direction.
    But you have to remember Cassell is at QB and he's not exactly a seasoned vet who is calm in the pocket. The first sign of pressure and he gets out of the pocket asap. I've also heard that he locks on to receivers too much (sound familiar?).

    I think he'll try and get Moss the ball early and see what kind of success, if any, he has.

    Hopefully this results in a pick or 2 for Champ


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      I doubt that Cassell will force it at Champ... Why would you. He will have Welker all day on all our other CB's, and it isnt like we can get a pass rush. But I actually fear the deep ball agianst Champ. It is definatly his weakness. Espically agianst a bigger reciever. But is Cassell can get the ball out in front of Moss, he could give Champ some problems. I am not that sure that Champ can keep up with a motivated Moss. But getting the motivated moss is the key
      Thanx Blondie79 for the sweet Sig....Love it and I will rock it with pridesigpic