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  • Originally posted by kdayZn View Post
    To lessen the pain, it was fumbles and penalties both offensively and defensively cost us the game which are all fixable...Isn't it????
    This is the part that I disagree with. Not you, but the team seems okay with stupid mental mistakes and acts like they can be easily fixed and yet it's 3 out of the last 4 games so they NOT so easily fixed. This recently has lead Denver into one crap season after another because they just accept it as they "go back to the drawing board" and "try to fix the little things" and "try to get this thing corrected." Retch !

    My thought: change it! Stop accepting mental errors. It starts by a refusal to explain away defeats and mistakes. Accept responsibility and then, here's the key, stop doing them. Listen to Champ and play with a nasty attitude.


    • its empty talk by both the offense and defense
      saying "we're getting better" or "we're gonna fix it" is just to hold their critics off for a little bit. the fact is nothing is changing. in fact our offense is just getting worse every single week. who know we would be saying that after the first 3 weeks of magic. our defense, well a middle school football team could destroy our defense, the defense sucks


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      • Originally posted by kdayZn View Post
        Its very hard to play like the Raiders, but we played very close to it on Monday.

        1st quarter
        Offense: Cutler injures his hand on the first play but offense still looked good. Close to the redzone, Hall fumbles that would have easily been a first down run. Hall fumbles again on the 4 plays into the second drive after 2 good gains by Marshall and Pittman.
        Defense: Believe it or not, our defense played very well only giving up 6 points of the turnovers.

        2nd quarter
        Offense: Cutler's injured finger is really starting to affect his throws. Penalties backed up offense. The 2 factors combined for poor offensive play. A questionable pass interference on Marshall took away a 21 yard strike from Cutler which lead to a punt. After a pick, Cutler's finger is iced and Ramsey comes in and fumbles the ball which took away a potential field goal.
        Defense: Belichick now knows that Broncos are in catch up mode with an injured Cutler and takes advantage by running the ball. Despite the inability to stop the run which made the score 13-0, the Bronco D were getting pressure and stopping the pass pretty well at this point. A facemask call on Winborn deep in Patriot territory converted a 4th and 15 to a first down. The blowout would start after Champ Bailey got injured.

        2nd Half
        Offense: Basically, the Broncos had to catch up from a 20-0 Patriot lead. Cutler comes back in the game but the Patriots big lead allowed their defense to play attack mode and sacked Cutler three times. I would also like to point out that we had our worst drive of the season in the 4th quarter after our lone touchdown. Brandon Marshall had 2 drops and the offense had 2 penalties costing 25 yards.
        Defense: still can't stop the run when we know its coming, allowing a backup rookie look like a star and 21 more points.
        Final score 41-7
        To lessen the pain, it was fumbles and penalties both offensively and defensively cost us the game which are all fixable...Isn't it????
        Its fixable right? I mean those are all mental errors why couldn't they fix it? Didn't we say this 3 weeks ago too? wait..nevermind this doesn't lessen the pain very much at all...oh and Andre Hall should get cut...
        I think the first half we had a chance and our own mistakes caused us to shoot ourselves in the foot. If we had managed to put points on the board early we take away some of their run game and as you pointed out we were actually able to pressure Cassel and at least til Champ went down we limited their passing game fairly well.

        Our run defense is still something I can't even think about without feeling nausea though


        • I’ve been a broncos fan for over 20years now, and I never shut the game off. Last night was the first. I have never seen anything like last night. I’m the only broncos fan within a 400 mile radius. I was getting LOL text messages up until 2 am EST. They played with very little pride. If you looked at the sideline behind Shanny you would think we were winning 41-7. Guys looked like there was having a good time. We lack in your face leadership. Al Wilson would have lost it.

          I’m getting sick and tired of hearing about Jay Cutler’s strong arm. What good is it if he keeps throwing to the wrong team!!! Jay needs to be a lot smarter with his decision making. Every time he throws an interception someone else is wide open.

          I have a question. When did the coaches decide on using the 3-4 defense ? I’m confused
          Because every player we bought in plays best in a 4-3 D. Our front 7 is way too small to
          Play in a 3-4. We are getting pushed all over the field. I’m not a rocket scientist but you
          Would think that if you are going to run a certain type of scheme you would bring in the
          PERSONAL that will excel in it. NOT THE OPPISITE.

          If Cassel had a pinch of real talent we would have lost 62-7.

          P.S give Josh Barrett a chance. What do we have to lose. He can't be any worst the Lowry was lastnight..
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          • The good news is our offensive line looked solid again AND MOss finally played a good game. We did get six sacks, even though the Pats do give up the sack. STILL, it's something.

            AND... yes... We get Young, Torain back after the BYE... NO MORE HALL. NOW, we have Young, Torain, Pittman to carry the load. ALSO, we get Scheffler and Stoke back. FINALLY, we get Cutler's toys back- he needs them.

            SO... we can go back to scoring points. One TD a game wont do it. OUR defense makes plays... AND, if we ask them to only do a few things... not to shut teams down... We can win more than we lose.

            LIKE LAST NIGHT, like in KC... They force FGs... They do just enough. If we can score points... put 30 points on the board... We should get back in the "W" category against the likes of MIA, ATL, CLE, KC, NYJ, OAK.

            Simple as that.

            AND, this team could use more time to learn this new 3-4/4-3 scheme... AND, it does look like Moss and the other new D-line guys might get better this season. PHEW!

            EVEN the DEF last night held their own until the Bailey brothers left the game.


            • No Muscle....None!

              We don't have any muscle. Time and time again we were run over without any recourse. Twice, the Pats went for it on 4th and 1, and easily picked up at least 10 yards. No one on our defense can hit and scare any running back, quarterback, or receiver. I don't care if you like DJ Williams, he's not an intimidator. Remember the old defenses? The ones that people gave nicknames? Those were intimidating D's. These guys can't tackle. They can't cover, and they definitely can't defend the Mile High tradition.

              What we need to do is cut Bly, McCree, and Boss. Start Moss, Lowry, and Williams. Shanahan needs to open the playbook a little and spread the ball around on offense. The first three games we threw and scored. The last four we tried to please the pundits and tried to establish the run, then threw. We can't run the effin ball. What we need is to pressure their defense with the pass until we can prove we run the ball. I guess we will have to wait and see what Torain can do. IF he can live up to his and our hype.


              • Personnel problems!

                What teams are starting to do now is spreading us out with 4-5 WR's. We cant blitz when this happens and we also can't cover all these guys because we don't have the talent. basically teams are going to continue to spread us out and throw all day which will also open up holes for the opponents running game. WE ARE IN DEEP, DEEP TROUBLE! We have what you call a shortage of personnel, period.
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                • Absolutely Disgusted

                  I could not agree more with the fan that has never turned off a game. I too have been a fan for 20 years and last night I was thoroughly embarrassed of "our" team. I know the injury excuse, which is a valid, but the fact that we can't hold onto the ball or get through a series without a stupid penalty is ridiculous. We showed very little heart and passion and more importantly very little discipline. How many times can we miss open tackles (most of them in the backfield, i.e. Lowry)? Our defense is a joke. Champ is the man, period! I love D.J. and Webster at least plays with some heart, but the rest of the players are terrible. If we play as we played last night, we deserve to lose the rest of our games. I can only hope that after the bye week that we get our full compliment of players back, Scheffler, Young, Champ etc. and that hopefully being embarassed on national television will light a fire under thses players. Last night was terrible and I wish I could forget it ever happened!


                  • Originally posted by DenverBlood View Post
                    Of course their gonna pick the pats to blow out. Pure homer picks
                    Damn this Carton fellow looks like a friggin' genius now, huh?



                    • Originally posted by 203KillinSpree View Post
                      I'm from CT. and listen to their show every morning on my way into work. I could not believe this guy. Carton said the Pats will blow us out tonight! WOW! I don't see it. Cassel is not going to blow us out. Not to mention no Running game with both Phony Maroney & Jordan out. I see us if anything putting one on them! Wow! We are contenders not pretenders.
                      Care to change your statement now?


                      • We really need a legitimate MLB, and two bona fide safeties! These positions are the heart, soul, brain of your unit. We not only have below-average bodies in these spots- we have guys who might not even make the practice squad on most teams.

                        We cannot afford to continue plucking chumps from other teams' junk pile and throw them in as starters. NOT ANY MORE.

                        Simple as that. Fix this and EVERYTHING else will fall into place.

                        With that said... this wont happen until next year. So what to do?

                        I think we're actually getting enough from guys like Ekuban, Peterson, Robertson... I also think Thomas & Moss are going to grow and be very solid players. Elvis is a pass rushing specialist... Crowder? Powell?

                        SO... we really need to get a studly-beast of a nose tackle. It's obvious we're going to transform into a 3-4... SO, we need a BIG nose for next year.

                        SO... MLB, FS, SS, NT. These are the four needs... Draft two of each next draft and bring in some free agents!

                        As for this year... We need two things:

                        (1) We need to get Cutler's full compliment of skills guys back on the field (Young, Torain, Stoke, Scheffler)... and they need to stay healthy. The O-line is solid... SO, if we have Marsh-Royal-Stoke-Scheff-Young-Torain-Pittman... we all know they'll score some points again.

                        (2) We really need the Bailey brothers to stay healthy and stay on the field and we really need Jarvis Moss to get better every game. He MIGHT mature into something special by DEC... AND, with Elvis... we could have a legit pass rush.

                        THE ONE BRIGHT SPOT... NO MATTER WHAT... We have built our offensive line. We have our bookends (Clady, HArris) and we have Kuper. This is set for years to come (we hope)... We also have Marsh-Royal-Scheffler and Cutler. This group will get better and better... imagine how fluid they will be in 3 years. IF THEY STAY HEALTHY... They will be a force.

                        SO, unlike the last few years... we have this to root for and to rely on... Same goes for the likes of DJ, THOMAS, MOSS.

                        We have pieces in place.


                        • Originally posted by 203KillinSpree View Post
                          I'm from CT. and listen to their show every morning on my way into work. I could not believe this guy. Carton said the Pats will blow us out tonight! WOW! I don't see it. Cassel is not going to blow us out. Not to mention no Running game with both Phony Maroney & Jordan out. I see us if anything putting one on them! Wow! We better get this game tonight. We are contenders not pretenders. Perfect chance to separate from the Bolts. We can't keep them hanging around.
                          I'm sure glad these stupid radio guys were totally wrong! What do they know?


                          • dont forget about another defensive end! as much as people say no, we need another pass rusher because crowder and moss stink. but i would just let larsen be our mlb for the rest of the season. theres no way he'll do worse than webster. and let hillis be the FB!!! for an unexplainable reason our offense is better when he's our FB. we need two safeties like you said


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