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    Well I think the questions have at least been partially answered. He finally went deep and made one heck of a catch to bail Plummer's monkey butt out against the Chief's after the lefthanded fiasco. He also made 3 or 4 other catch's during the game for a total of approx 85 yards. Not bad. If we get that kind of production on a weekly basis he will be in the Pro Bowl and we will be in the Superbowl.
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      Like rod said "He could always catch the long balls, but now he can catch the short ones".


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        First time I can think of that he did not drop it when he hit the ground. When he has a sizeable lead on someone and is not afraid of getting hit I think he is ok. In traffic the jury is still out.

        Sure hope this clown makes it big as it would make a really big difference in the standings. With him, Rod, Putizer, Watts and NAte it could be great not even talking about the super weapon CHAMP.

        Couple this with really great runner in Q and Bell with Jake pulling the strings, this could be a really scary offense. Rod, Nate and Putizer as possesion recievers and assshley and Watts the deep threats. The question becomes!

        Who are ya gonna cover?