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Dre Bly needs to be replaced and this is the time

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    Originally posted by Nick View Post
    Well I already proved you wrong on my previous post. As far as what Dre does... he gets burnt repeatedly. He bites to easy on a wide reciever there for having to play off of him.

    I have yet to repeat "myself" so do not compare to me to other people that proved you wrong... Maybe they are repeating themselves because of your arguement and the answer you do not want to hear.

    As far as bringing champ into what "I" said is to prove the fact that Bly gets picked on. If you watch the jags game... He got burnt 3 times where the jags could have got a TD (one was brought back by a holding call) also because of quantity of plays where he was horrible during that one game (sticking on same game) ONLY decent coverage and play he had was when he broke up the 3rd down play in 4th quarter... However should have been a penalty on him because he got there early.

    He is not a coverage or complete corner... He is a nickle back.

    How about every other back up at the time working him at training camp (Even David Kircus)? I can hear those boo's as if it was yesterday.

    Champ Bailey has beeen thrown at 10 times... Allowed 3 receptions.

    28 tackles (23 solo)
    1 Int
    3 PD

    Dre Bly

    28 tavckles (23 solo)
    3 PD


    Statistics like this are misleading. Because Bly gets a lot more looks and passed on his tackles "should" be a lot more but because of OLB's, Safteys, and him missing tackles and recievers catching and going out of bounds it is all messed up.

    Champ numbers are misleading because he does not get thrown on but makes tackles and gets head in there. Opposite of Bly.

    Bly's DVOA was not bad when he was with detroit but that is when he was the #1 and other teams were picking on other corners. Now he is in the center of that treatment. Champ is going to be ranked around between 1-3 best DVOA corner right now and I post the Team DVOA percentages for #1 and #2 WR to show you how often he is picked on.

    Bly is going to be by far between the worst 1-3 starting corners statisticaly.

    So what Bly has done so far... A whole lot of nothing every game this season...
    You haven't proved me wrong at all. He has not got targeted much this year and most of the time he has been in zone coverage when the catches are around him. That's why I say you HAVE to give me a play. That way you are actually debating something other then numbers. So far you have not mentioned 3 plays this year that he failed bad on.

    You spit out statistics. But those statistics don't take in to account if he's in zone ,man to man or anything. They cannot because they don't know his route. They don't take in to account how long he's been in coverage or anything. They are stupid people numbers. Smart people would analyze the games them self and call certain plays in to question. I can go back and name 4 times this year when Dre was supposedly beat when he was actually in zone coverage including that Jags game you mention. Every corner gets beat every game by your rule, including Champ. If a pass isn't thrown it cannot be considered beat.

    If anything all you have done is prove Dre isn't Champ . So what we already knew that.
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