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Broncos Fiddle with Roster after Loss (Denver Post Article)

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    Originally posted by chickennob2 View Post
    So I'm guessing this means Hall to the practice squad. Potentially Shaw? Don't know if he's eligible.

    Although rather than cutting players on the PS to make room, I'd prefer they send up Barrett and Rogers and cut one of Lowry/Fox/Manuel/McCree

    Hall maybe i dunno? But shaw i think he is on the verge of getting cut Shanny don't want guys that argue with teammates that is the last thing we need right now in the Locker Room!


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      Originally posted by BroncosRockdaRockies View Post
      hahaha no worries i kinda figured you were just poking fun! But after you said that i thought to myself ahh hell I just opened up a can of worms for someone to get off topic hahaha its all good SG!
      It's all good.

      Originally posted by BroncosRockdaRockies View Post
      Wow I kinda wish I was a fly on the wall in the front Office right now alot of things going on. And for the most part pretty positive in a way!
      Two weeks is a lot of time before the next game. Should be interesting at Dove Vally.


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        If we cut Shaw that opens up a spot. We bring Larsen back over to play LB. Put Hillis in at full back. Try out Torain and use Pittman as 3rd down and

        Goalline Back. Until Selvin is healthy then Torain is alternating with Selvin. And I am sticking up for lowery (explanation of my lowry points go to lowry
        sucks thread) So lowry at safety and i am not familiar with Barrett so any input on his credentials could be helpfull? speed/tackles etc. Regardles what safety we bring In i think they will have to be Bly's backup. I think Jack Williams has good Instincts enough to be on his own for a while even as a rookie.

        If I am not mistaken we still have a spot to go to the FA and sign a CB in replacement of shaw. (If Shaw gets cut) The line I think at this point we stick with them and and take our chances simply because the potential for stopping the run is closer then stopping the pass.

        LB's well I am really torn on my decision here but I think we need the ones that can tackle at this point so during the bye run Drills or what have you and determine a new set of starters during the bye, Because we will be more suceptible to the run now because of the performance Monday night and teams will try to approach us in this manner to control the clock and keep the ball out of Cutlers hand.

        Some editing notes: I also think that we might want to set up more in 4-6 or 4-3 defenses more in the second half of season, Although I am not completely against the 3-4 but I do think that it is exposing us at the wrong time of the game.
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