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    Originally posted by LLChiefsFan
    University of Missouri ranked 32
    University of Colorado ranked 33 (again lagging behind MO)
    That's because of all the parties! Besides they don't include Yale, so it can't be that accurate.
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    You too Cutler.


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      Re: Re: Re: The ponies will fall

      Originally posted by NYCHIEFSFAN
      The score reflects a big W in the win column. I dont care if we win every game by 1 point, as long as we keep winning.
      that's only what teams who win by 1 point say. i definately care. if denver won every game by 1 and even won the suberbowl, i'd be happy but wouldn't be confident in the team b/c a team that wins by 1 all the time is a house of cards.

      and don't reply that i'm saying that kc wins by 1 all the time because i'm not. i'm simply responding to the idea that you don't care if they win by 1 or not.
      go broncos
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        Agreed ... to a certain extent.

        Don't get me wrong; I'll take a 1 point win anyday, but if I had my druthers, I'd prefer the 38-5 win on a regular basis.

        As for the close games meaning that a team is a house of cards, I would have to agree. To a certain extent, all teams are a house of cards that, depending on the placement of the card removed, can come crumbling down.

        This year is a perfect case in point: the Jake Plummer card was one of the most vital for the Broncos; without him, shaky. With him, a heckuva lot more sturdy.

        The Chiefs haven't been bit by the injury bug too badly this year, but it's all just one play away from Priest, Trent or Tony G going down.
        Despite all the hype, once you finally get a hammer, you don't hammer nearly as much as you think you will.


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          Rascal I'm sorry I posted the wrong url here is one with Yale at #3 and MU tied for 73 and CU tied for 78th.

          I agree on the #1 party school but the issue was MO directing their education funds to the KKK.

          Besides folks in Missouri prefer not to waste money on college to party.
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            Yet another thread that needs to be moved to the Smack forum. Note: I'm no saint, but some of the comments in this thread are getting personal in nature. Let's back off a tad.

            Broncos 24 Chiefs 21 <---- prediction

            Nuff said...

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              So I don’t get anymore-nasty grams from your alls moderator what was said in this forum that was personal? I am assuming it was the comment from one of the Bronco fans comments about the KKK, but like most cases I have noticed here is if a Bronco fan attacks me that’s ok but if I hit back its like in the NFL, the second person gets the penalty.
              Never take life seriously.
              Nobody gets out alive anyway.