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Cutler Left 3-4 Interception On The Field vs. Cleveland

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    This thread fails. Period. First of all, if that early pass to Marshall was intercepted, it would be exclusively Marshall's fault. Plus, Cutler was trying to make plays to keep our team scoring knowing that our defense would suck as usual and allow 30 points. AND just to make things worse, Cutler had no solid running game to help him and the Browns were prepared to stop a one dimensional passing game. Even so, Cutler threw for 447 yards.


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      Originally posted by Ravage!!! View Post
      People are just unbelievable when judging a QB's personality from watching TV. First they complained about his 'leadership' when he wouldn't "yell enough" when on the field his rookie year. He was too quiet.

      Then.. they want to complain that he yells TOO much when on the field, and think he shouldn't.

      Then... they want to complain that he doesn't act enough like another QB, and isn't fun to watch when he's standing around AFTER the play.

      These are people that have never been in a huddle, and don't have a clue how Jay is or how he is with his teammates during practice, in training rooms, in tape sessions, or in the locker room.... not to mention the huddle, yet we want to JUDGE him based on face expressions. Amazing.
      Originally posted by Justblaze2729 View Post
      no ones knocking him for being the way he is ....i just wish it looked like he was having a little more fun ...he usually smiles during his interviews and laughs and all that i wouldnt mind seeing a smirk here and there while he is on the field ....i think he is such a student of the game and he wants to be the best and spends all his time on the sidelines with the offensive coordinator ...once he gets all together he might loosen up who knows
      Thank you for making my point for me... PERFECT example.


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        no one cares about "he could of" had 5 int. He had 1. Get over it. Shoulda coulda woulda dont mean nothing. What does mean something is 447 passing yards and 3 tds. I agree this thread fails


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          Originally posted by getlynched47 View Post
          Jay looks depressed, sad, not even energetic, (maybe a little constipated ) I want to see Jay play the game like a leader and act like a kid on the makes it 100x more fun to watch it
          He's an intense competitor. Tiger doesn't look like he enjoys playing either - until the 72nd hole. There are ways to lead a team other than putting on a grin and jumping around like a kid. He leads this team by example on the field. For example, when was the last time he slid at the end of a run? It's leadership like this that motivates teammates, not the smiley faces.


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            Originally posted by Edge View Post
            As happy as we all are with Jay Cutler's 4th Quarter comeback and his huge game, he still played too recklessly. I counted 5 passes (thanx to one of the posters) that could have been easily intercepted, which would have given him 5 INT's that game:

            1-Deflected off Marshall's hands and McDonald had a chance to grab it for the INT.

            2-D'Qwell Jackson dove for a tipped pass and nearly picked up an INT, he should have made that catch.

            3-A pass went right into Brandon McDonalds chest, but Eddie Royal made him drop the ball

            4-Right before halftime, Eric Wright almost had an INT but dropped it

            5-Cutler rolled out to the right of the field and launched the ball very poorly to Tony Scheffler, if Scheffler wouldn't have been called for offensive PI, then the guy would've picked it off

            So as happy as we are with Jay Cutler's 4th Quarter rally, I'm still very worried with all the turnovers he would've caused in that game. Please be a little careful with the ball Jay, please for the sake of my heart

            Who cares. Our WRs made great plays and we good lucky. If Cutler didn't play the way he did we would not have come back in that game. Sometimes you just have to put hte ball up and let your guys make the play, and Cutler did that.


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              So, not only does the Int's get you guys to wet your pants, but so does his facial expressions?

              Maybe football is just not your sport.......