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Are we, who we thought we were?

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    We are lucky to be 5-4 imo. A couple lucky breaks have gone our way or we very well could be 1-8 while I do not think we have had any realistic chances of being better then 5-4.

    We are a bad ref call, miss easy FG, and dropped pass from being 2-7.

    Our defensive mindset was really horrible before the Cle game ( it did change and I hope that change becomes permament) but it has been horrible for nearly 10 years so I doubt firing the Def Coord will fix it.

    I think what needs to happen is Bowlen needs to have a sit down with Shanny. Tell him the defense needs to get better or he will take Shanny's GM responsibilties, hire a normal GM who then will fix the defense and let Shanny be a typical head coach.
    Time to build on the win and grow the team from some solid play higher level of play