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Nice USA Today bit on Royal

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  • Nice USA Today bit on Royal

    Rookie Focus: Royal bringing veteran poise to Broncos

    Enlarge By Doug Pensinger, Getty Images

    Broncos coach Mike Shanahan said rookie WR Eddie Royal plays like a five-year veteran. "Any DB is going to have a hard time covering him one-on-one," Shanahan said.


    Tom Pedulla, who covers the NFL for USA TODAY, checks in with a new rookie each Wednesday.

    USA TODAY's Rookie Focus profiles one of the NFL's most impactful first-year players every Wednesday.
    Wide receiver Eddie Royal needed quarterback Jay Cutler to show him how to tie his tie before the Denver Broncos traveled to Cleveland for last Thursday night's game against the Browns. He had no problems handling things from there.

    Royal's six catches for 164 yards and a touchdown helped Denver to a come-from-behind 34-30 victory and underscored how much he has meant to the Broncos since joining them as a second-round draft choice.

    He owns 52 receptions for 625 yards and four scores as a key figure in a for Denver, which sits atop of the AFC West with a 5-4 record.


    • Hometown: Chantilly, Va.

    • Ht.: 5-10 Wt.: 182

    • College highlights: Put exclamation point on four-year Virginia Tech career by emerging as school's all-time leader in all-purpose yards (4,686), including 1,296 punt return yards and 1,386 yards on kickoffs. Ranked fourth in Tech history with 119 career receptions, fifth in receiving TDs (12) and sixth in receiving yards (1,778).

    • Scouting report: Hard worker who possesses surprising strength for his size. Excellent route-runner who makes sharp cuts look easy. Speed makes him breakaway threat with every touch. Toughness and willingness to work middle of the field compensate for lack of height.

    • Quotable: "He handles himself like a five-year veteran. He is a very competitive individual with a lot of talent. Great quickness, he can really come out of the break, great hands. Any DB is going to have a hard time covering him one-on-one." —Broncos coach Mike Shanahan


    • I knew I was in the NFL: "Getting the playbook and running through the plays the first time, I felt like, 'I'm here, and I have to make the most of it.' "

    • Biggest adjustment: "How much time I have to spend on football. In college, you've got other things to focus on. Here, I needed to spend extra time on the playbook so I could get on the field. There is a lot of film to study because you've got to know your opponents. Guys are too good to go out and freelance."

    • Best advice: "The message I received, and I heard it from different people, is to be professional in everything you do because people are always watching."

    • First purchase after signing: "I bought a house near the facility. It has four bedrooms. My family comes to a lot of my games. I wanted to make sure it was big enough for them."

    • Role model: "My mom (Pearl). She raised seven of us by herself and we saw her fighting and clawing for everything she got. It made you really appreciate the little things."

    • Favorite off-field activity: "It used to be basketball. I'm getting into playing pool now. It's something that doesn't require a lot of energy."

    • QB Jay Cutler: "He's a young quarterback. He's got a lot of potential. He's helping me along the way. He's been there to explain different routes, when to sit down in a zone. He even showed me how to tie a tie."

    • Mike Shanahan: "I love playing for coach Shanahan. He has great confidence in you, and it's about more than football with coach."

    • NFL dream: "One thing I definitely want to do is be a contributor to a team that wins a Super Bowl. Individual accomplishments are great, but it doesn't mean anything if your team is not winning. I want that feeling at the end of the day."

    CanDB's Comments:

    It seems like everything I see, hear and read about Royal and Clady is positive. It attests to the importance of drafting character and talent, and in the case of these 2 people, we got plenty of both!

    Royal is an amazing athlete, and the more he gets to show his stuff, the more we will benefit. Some folks worry about him returning kicks and punts, but that's what this man does, and he does it very well. That's not to take anything away from his WR skills. He has outstanding numbers for a rookie receiver and is already a well known player in the eyes of the experts. We know that he and BMarsh will be a dynamic duo for many years to come, and along with Jay and the solid pass protecting oline, look for plenty of double 1,000 yard production seasons....

    When we got Eddie, he was a expected to be a returner and possibly do some WR damage as a rookie. The great news is that even though he hasn't been as busy as a returner as we may have thought, expect to see more as the season progresses. As for his season as a WR........what's there to discuss???? GREAT PLAYER / GREAT GUY!!!!

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    I'm thrilled with Royal! We couldn't have hoped for more out of the rookie.

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      Royal was one of the bigger steals of this draft.... On pace to have a better season than mr big shot Calvin Johnson did last year!


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        Eddie Royal is the real deal. I love the guy! It is nice to see he is getting the well deserved recognition.
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          Royal is a boss. I mean look at what he has done is rookie year, whats he going to do a few years done the road, I can't wait. :salute!:


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            clady looks like a ruffian because of his hair = /


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              Originally posted by Orangeandblue6 View Post
              clady looks like a ruffian because of his hair = /
              We are praising Royal here, not criticizing Clady's hair.


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                Originally posted by Hoserman117 View Post
                Royal was one of the bigger steals of this draft.... On pace to have a better season than mr big shot Calvin Johnson did last year!
                Was there any fact behind us trading up to get Johnson, and offering 2 0r 3 first rounders to get him? He's going to be a very good reciever, but not at that price. Conversely for a 2nd rounder Royal is brings some serious value add!!


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                  Eddie > DeSean. :salute!:



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                    Originally posted by Twizlers View Post
                    Eddie > DeSean. :salute!:
                    That about sums it up.

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                      why i like eddie

                      does anyone notice that although he is 5' 10'' he plays like he is 6'. His athleticism is incredible? His hands are about as sure as anyones in the league. Also, look at a replay of the touchdown in the Browns game he had. No one has to agree, but I think that took some amazing focus to haul it it. Do the draft over and Easy Eddie 2.0 is a first rounder.


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                        Say what you want about Shanny's drafting abilities but he essentially got two first round talents this year. And that's not including Hillis who looks like he's going to be as indespensible as Royal and Clady!
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                          Shanny is excellent at drafting offensive player but he sucks at drafting defensive players. I sure hope some of the more recent nes pan out because we need them too.


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                            Im lovin this kid, really dont see a better WR DUO in the AFC or much less NFL, at least performing this year, could agure Roy Williams and TO but havent seen much outta them with ROMO out since Roy got there...
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                              Great article nice find royal is something special he was a steal for us