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After Watching The Tatum Bell Interview I Am going To Make A Bold Prediction

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    Originally posted by lvrodri View Post
    Nice post BoltNut! :salute!: It's all over the news in Denver bout him working at the Aurora mall, which I frequent all the time. I've seen K-Mart and Allen Iverson in this mall, but I stay away from the T-Mobile booths, as they hound you like car salesman.

    Yeah, I actually saw Tater at the t-mobile booth on the northwest side of the mall. This was in October. I walked over and said "Holy crap! Tatum Bell?" He was like "Whats uuup" but it sounded like "please dont say my name really loud and cause alot of people to walk over here"

    I think he's gonna be alright. I think we'll take care of atlanta, and maybe, just maybe, Tatum can get some retribution in Oakland for them renaming their fumble drill to "The Tatum Bell".

    Hooray, beer!


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      tadum ripped me off when i purchased a phone from him... piece of crap never worked and he overcharged me...

      why did his name tag say "RUDY" thou

      all in all hopefully tatum does succeed and learned his lesson... im not thinking he is going to be the savior of our running game this season but hopefully he does well enough to have other teams possibly pick him up after this season is over if the broncos part ways with him yet again...

      wouldnt want to buy another phone from him again

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        Originally posted by BoltNut View Post
        Like someone mentioned earlier, I don't think he, nor many other players for that matter, think a lot about the many people that live on about 40K a year. They have lost touch with reality or never really had a chance to experience it. T Bell, apparently, got his chance to get a very, very small taste of it. I wish him the best and hope he can always remember what it's like to live from paycheck to paycheck. It'll make him a better player and a better person. :salute!: Hope it all works out.
        Yeah, I think humble pie is good for all of us.

        As far as people making assumptions about what he has done with his money I think it is a little pretentious to say that he poorly managed his money.

        Let's put it this way:

        If he bought a nice house in Denver, and one in Detroit, then you can assume that most of his bonus is gone, especially if he bought a few cars coming out of college. If he owns one or two houses, then he has a good investment in that alone. How many of you own a house outright? I know I am still paying my mortgage.

        Then let's suppose he did invest his money and save it for a rainy day. Any man who has a family knows that he is not going to sit on his butt for 3 months and do nothing and spend all of his savings, especially if he fealt like his chance of playing in the league again was gone after the bag lifting incident. He was doing the right thing by trying to get income flowing in.

        All that I am trying to say is that it is not right to make critical,speculative remarks without any other reason than he got a job to provide for his family.
        Thank you to my grandfather jetrazor for being a veteran of the armed forces!