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"He was in better football shape than I had anticipated"-Shanny

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    Originally posted by BarkdogRX7 View Post
    Well that is good, should help silence the doubters a LITTLE bit...well see what happens Sunday tho.
    The only thing that will silence the doubters, is if he runs hard and can hold onto the ball. The guy has skill, he just doesn't like contact and fumbles too much.


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      Originally posted by TheRob View Post
      This quote by Shanahan is great news.

      I mean C'mon it doesn't get any better than that from the Shanster. Shanny plays it close to the vest and for him to say anything at all is a great sign. When he first spoke of Eddie Royal in pre-season you'd be lucky to hear "Well Eddie has a lot of talent and seems to really enjoy the game. We hope he will continue to improve and so far I am very pleased." 2 Weeks later in Oakland..well you are Denver fans, you know what happened.

      So when Shanahan said he was pleasantly surprised by Tatum Bell's performance in his first two practices with the team after being signed Tuesday. THis is what he was really saying inside.

      Translation: "Get your super bowl tickets, I can't believe I didn't think of this sooner.."

      "I was really surprised he was in better football shape than I had anticipated," Shanahan said.

      Translation: "After our first practice we are actually out of linebackers. Tatum gave them each a concussion, and afterwards, he bench pressed 225 around 73 times"

      But seriously, this news is excellent and I believe after hearing Shanahan say this, we all have cause to be excited.
      Considering most of our RB's are out with somesort of injury!
      Haze gray and underway!


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        Originally posted by getlynched47 View Post
        I think that both teams will actually run the ball countless times
        I'm pretty sure that at least one person is going to have the right count...


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          Originally posted by CutlerEra06 View Post
          im actually tempted to pick up bell on my fantasy team..Like it or not, hes not a bad fit for our offense
          Hope you don't lose points for fumbles. :nono:


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            I would love to see em get 1000 yards for the season, and come back player of the year. Show the haters and doubters what they let go of...... One of them story book endings that are so few and far between. It would be good for the broncos and good for the nfl. Like how kurt warner being pulled from bagging groceries in northern iowa to being a starter in st louis and mvp.


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              Originally posted by Shutdown View Post
              I think I agree. The only thing is this: Tatum does know our basic system. So he might be able to come in and play faster than a different RB would have.

              Still, I think Hillis has got to start. I mean, the guy (Tatum) was selling phones until like a week ago. I just can't see him being totally ready to play NFL ball.
              yeah, but if he turns out doing well, I can imagine a few cell phones winding up on ebay.
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                Originally posted by Shutdown View Post
                Yeah. I think Shanny will use this game to sort of gauge where he's at. Then we go from there.

                Though I won't lie. I would love Tatum to come in and dominate the first drive. But I'm not seeing it. It'd just be so funny because the rest of the league would be like "Oh no, here come the Broncos..."
                I think "gauge where he's at" is exactly what Shanahan will do...:salute!:


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