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    Originally posted by Papa-pwn View Post
    He ain't even on the team anymore bro
    I just read that in the Josh Barrett thread about 10 minutes after posting this.


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      Originally posted by getlynched47 View Post
      Somebody made a thread when Boss Bailey got hurt. Reportedly his injury could be career we need to start looking at someone different for the SLB position (assuming Boss has complications with his recovery)

      Winborn has been good, why cut him???? Niko needs to get cut...Webster is on a contract year and I doubt we re-sign him....and Haggan hasn't even seen the field besides on special teams
      Boss: Dude's had blown ACLs in both knees during his career. He's played back and is one of the best cover LBs in the game when healthy. I'm sure he'll be back next year and will probably finish his contract(2012?) but it would be a good idea to have a replacement waiting or in training. As good as Woodyard has looked, he could fill this role.

      Webster and Haggan: Gone. Good riddance. Enough said.

      Winborn: He's a smart player who's always in position, but is slow. Much like Josh Bell he's a good football player, but we need players with NFL speed. Both these guys are good back-ups, but could easily be replaced with guys that have the potential of starting. Each time I see either of these guys on the field I cringe because they can be beat on every play, no matter how well they play their position.

      Niko: Much like Winborn, he's a solid player who's always in position but isn't the fastest guy. He does have better game speed then Winborn and can play Mike/Will. He's a better depth player then Winborn that I would have no problem watching start and his constant performance on SP-Ts pretty much ensures a spot for him on the roster for the next few(2011?) years.
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        Originally posted by PaperBagBronco View Post
        How is he amazing *** has he even done other then miss tackles left and right and get shacken out of his shoes in the Pre-Season.. Serously thats all I saw, while you fanatics here were drooling over the guy I was watching him look almost as bad as Niko out there.

        If he was so "AMAZING" why didn't he start!??....

        Ever week I have to hear you fanatics pro-claim another Rookie the next big freaking thing, and then sit back and laugh when 89% of the time your dead wrong. I think I started really noticing it around the Q. Griffen AGE, you know the Broncos verson of "Barry Sanders" ROFL. We all know how well that worked out....
        Have you even been watching this year???

        This year our rookies have shown GREAT promise!! Woodyard is NOT to small to play SLB and he has played great so far... I'm a VERY big fan of the low round hyped picks especially Hillis/Woodyard & Larsen!! A few others, Torain(asu) has been hurt, but imo was very good in college(saw most games) and perfect for our system....Barrett(asu) is the only one I agree with you on, has ALL the tools but he was real bad in college...Still hope he proves me wrong...but I doubt it, it's rare for a guy to go from bad in college to good in the League..

        Spencer was the talk of the town at the U of A game last night(another heartbreak loss)!! Nobody is shocked and 99% of our fans feel the same as I do about him.. Trust me there are very few that have that broad of support coming out of AZ...Go to or and start a thread and ask em what they think about Spencer... bet you can do the same with Hillis/Woodyard/Torain/Barett.... Spencer and a lot of these rookies have a got a chance to be great...:salute!: I went from giving us a B+ to an A+.... I believe this could go down as one of the best drafts ever for the Broncos... Hows that for hype?


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          I hope they put Hillis back where he's most comfortable. He played FB through college and signed with the Broncos a FB, but they put him at RB a few times and he did extremely well. He could play either position but he might like it better as a FB.
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            I've loved Larsen since we got him. All I read was that he was an average athlete with a great work ethic, which is exactly what you need to be a good player.
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              Originally posted by sage View Post
              Are you talking about Woodyard or Winborn? Woodyard made play after play, Winborn is the one that looked slow and missed tackles. As far as depth and position capabilities mentioned by HorsePower56, I think you got some of the positions wrong. Here's what I'd do:

              DJ- 6'1" 240 (Will)
              Larsen- 6'2" 240 (Mike)
              Boss- 6'3" 232 (Sam)

              Woodyard- 6'1" 230 (Will/Sam) Actually 220ish, but has the ability to play Sam
              Niko- 6'2" 238 (Mike/Will) Good instincts but not a Man-Cover guy
              Green- 6'3" 237 (Sam/Mike) Coverage player that cuts through traffic

              Cut 'em
              Winborn- 5'11" 230 (Sam/Will) Too slow to play, but good instincts
              Webster- 6'0" 230 (Mike/Sam) Lousy football player in every way
              Haggan- 6'3" 263 (LB) Too slow to be anything but emergency depth

              This is really embarassing.

              Some of you are so bad at personnel projections, it's just sad.

              You don't know how fast or slow Winborn is. What you SHOULD know is that the guy just makes plays anytime he is on the field, but somehow he should be cut.

              Go play Madden.


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                Wesley Woodyard didn't get drafted because he "struggles to maintain his weight" over 212lbs.

                Jaime Winborn has become the most overrated Denver Bronco, and that's saying a mouthful.......