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Fire Shanahan / Another Poorly Coached Game by Mike Shannahan (Merged)

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  • Originally posted by bjohnson1969 View Post
    Listen. Its fully understood that we have lots of young players and yes some are talented but talent will only get you so far. You make it seem as though we have done something great. We play in a weak division and have won 6 games and have lost 5. By the way 2 of those losses are to teams that are some of the worst in the league. Youth is an excuse that is to easily thrown around. There is no excuse from some of the throws Cutler makes. He has thrown enough interceptions, and, played enough games to learn from the same mistakes. I don't mind losing or the mistakes but playwith some fire or purpose. I look at a team like KC, they play hard and have a QB who is learning the NFL game and adapting; they always compete! We just go through the motions. We have talent but in reality this team is not really that good!!
    I let you change the criteria to what you wanted. You still can't give an example. You think there is a reason for that? Maybe it isn't such a dumb excuse to think that youth needs time to learn in the NFL?

    Until you respond with just ONE team that has accomplished what you are asking for, I can't give your argument credit. The NFL has been going on for a long time and if it still hasn't happened, there has to be something to it. Maybe that is just using to much logic for this crowd though.

    Young team = inconsitent play. This is nothing new.


    • Inconsistent play is one thing but this play is ridiculous!! To lose the games as we have is totally absurd. Stop making excuses for the team. I'm a huge Bronco fan but people need to understand that talent doesn't always translate into wins. One day you will wake up.