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    Originally posted by Bronco51 View Post
    What I got from the interview is that because Shanny went running back by committee with less than stellar backs, the commitment to a dominant run game was not there and instead the run game was going to compliment a dominant passing game. Then, the run game didn't compliment the pass game, and then Jay went haywire. Hence, the Broncos have failed to score 20 points in 4 straight home games.
    Right.. but it DID compliment the passing game when we had healthy RBs. Even when we had one injury, it complimented. Then we lost 3 before just losing two, and lost 4 before we could replace the first three.

    So I can't believe that the injuries are an excuse, so much as a reason that our running game has becoming nearly non-existent. We can't say we don't have a commitment to the run game when there is no run game to commit to.


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      Originally posted by LordTrychon View Post
      Well, like I said I'm pretty sure we were getting lauded for winning despite injuries... so it's not like nobody had noticed or it wasn't an issue... When you have the game announcers referring to Cutler as the 'Only healthy running back left in Denver' than it's getting notice.

      We have always looked really horrible in classic trap games. Bright side... we tend to bounce back well... like it helps to get all of the terrible out at once. I think that's why I don't take this sort of loss as bad as some others...

      one thing...a good coach doesnt get caught in ...trap games two three times a year...hence the word trap

      we get beat by these teams we should whip up on because the team isnt prepared, have a horrible game plan, and a lack of motivation.
      when do native Americans become human and not mascots


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        It just goes to show you how one single week in the NFL makes perspectives change. Think about it..we all know it.

        Mark S. was praising the Broncos after the last two weeks. Now, since we get a fat L to OAK we are the worst team ever. Point being, if we won against OAK I can hear it now.."Watch out for this Denver team, they are gitting their stride."

        Now, I would love to hear what people say if we beat the Jets. I'm not saying we will, but as the AFC has been all year, nothing is impossible.

        So, with that, I would love to hear what the TV bobble heads say round 8 PM EST this coming Sunday.

        The main goal is to win the West and try to get "hot" before the playoffs. I for one, wouldn't want t play us in the playoffs. You never know what team for Denver is going to show up.


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          Originally posted by stargazer View Post
          Hard to run the ball when teams don't fear a FB at tailback, a RB who was recently working at a cell phone store, and the other RB who's been cut 3 times and recently signed with Denver at the end of August.
          Enter Beanie Wells.