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Why Playoff Appearance Means So Much...

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    I dont think it helps your franchise to get blown out 45-10 like we probably will if we make the playoffs and play the colts or the pats. A playoff WIN is a huge thing but I think a first round playoff loss is a huge negative, especially when you get killed (like we have in the past). With our defense I dont think its going to matter much if we make the playoffs or not

    I hope we make it and I hope we win, but realisticly I dont see it happening after last week.


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      TieBreaker discussion

      We do currently hold the tiebreaker, as we are head to head better than SD.

      But if we go to tiebreaker scenario we will probably lose, as I assume going to such means we lose the final SD game which means we no longer have the upper hand in the tiebreaker.

      SD has the upperhand in conference and division games, so if we go 1-1 against them they win.(assuming they dont get beat by Cheifs and Raiders)

      For us to be in a tiebreaker scenario with them and win, that means we have to win the final game against SD, and to be in a tiebreaker scenario that means we have to drop 3 games and actually go -1 of SD, and then win the final game against SD so its a tie and we win the tiebreaker.

      Do to our division record the tiebreaker is of little help to us, we gotta put more wins on the board and stay away from that.