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  • Jarvis...keep coming on!!
    Jarvis Moss coming on
    Lineman making "tremendous strides"
    By Lindsay H. Jones
    The Denver Post
    Updated: 11/27/2008 12:34:25 AM MST

    Jarvis Moss, at his Parker home, has vowed to provide his son, Noah, a lifestyle unlike the nomadic one he lived in his youth. Amid the cacophony of sounds around Dove Valley on the steamy August mornings of training camp, there was one noise that boomed louder than all the others.

    "Come on, Jarvis!"

    Those words were shouted in the bass voice of defensive line coach Jacob Burney, over and over again, so much that "Come on, Jarvis" became as much a part of the training camp soundtrack as an air-horn blast.

    Burney would stalk along behind Jarvis Moss, the Broncos' second-year defensive end, barking instruction and criticism, sometimes singularly focused on Moss' every move.

    The attention didn't stop after practice. Burney and Moss would remain together on the field, long after the other players had retired to the air-conditioned locker room, for more one-on-one practice.
    "Come on, Jarvis!"

    What's a little extra sweat, or some more harsh words from a well-meaning position coach? That's nothing, not compared to what it took to even get here, Moss said.

    "I'm only 24," Moss said, "but I feel like I'm 35 as far as the things I've been through and seen."

    Nothing — except perhaps the natural advantages that come with a muscular 6-foot-6 frame — about Moss' journey to the NFL has been easy.

    Moss described his childhood life as that of a "nomad" — bouncing among the homes of various relatives until the time he graduated from Ryan High School in Denton, Texas. With his mother struggling with drug addiction and serving several stints in prison, Moss never stayed in one place too long. A couple of years with his grandmother, followed by time back with his mother and a short stay with his father. There were years with various aunts, too, and two years with his maternal grandfather, Bill Moss.

    While he never lacked for family, Moss, who has six half-siblings, often went without. He borrowed clothes, shared bedrooms, all while maintaining his dream of playing professional football.

    That goal was almost derailed several times by a mystery illness that first showed up midway through his senior year of high school and persisted for nearly three years.
    "To this day I don't really know what happened," Moss said. "I went to sleep, and when I woke up I was sick. I was hurting — my legs, my abdomen, my groin. Moss' high school coach, Joey Florence, took him to the emergency room, then to a series of doctors throughout north Texas, none able to find what was wrong. All the while Moss, who was then a blue-chip recruit, couldn't eat. He could hardly walk, and he certainly couldn't play football.

    Off to a slow start

    "This is one of the best athletes in the country, and we can't figure out why he can't walk," Florence said. "It was the oddest thing in my coaching career I've ever seen, and I've seen a lot of kids get injured. I've been doing this 20 years, but that was the dang-dest thing. It was scary, just watching him shrivel up like that."

    The pain persisted through Moss' first two seasons at the University of Florida. He received a medical redshirt one season and played in only one game his second year in Gainesville. It wasn't until the summer of 2005, when his weight had dipped to 220 pounds, that he was diagnosed with a bacterial infection in his pelvic bone and prescribed seven weeks worth of intravenous antibiotics.

    "As sickly as he looked, a lot of staffs would have said, 'That's it, he couldn't play football anymore,' " said Greg Mattison, Florida's former defensive line coach who is now

    For Broncos defensive end Jarvis Moss, this summer's training camp was like starting all over again as his rookie season was cut short by injury. Moss returned to the field by September 2005. The next season he was a full-time starter and had 7 1/2 sacks for the 2006 national champions. He left school with a year of eligibility remaining, and the Broncos — desperate to improve their pass rush — traded up to take Moss at No. 17. He signed a five-year contract that included an $8 million signing bonus.

    But he started only one game as a rookie before breaking his fibula in practice Nov. 1, 2007.

    He fully recovered, but was in many ways repeating his rookie year when the Broncos started training camp this past summer.

    "As far as actually being on the field and playing, it was a huge setback for me," Moss said.

    So when coaches decided to deactivate Moss for the first and second games of the season, the B-word began to make its way onto Internet forums and newspaper columns.


    Moss said he could understand why some might think that. That's the burden of being a first-round draft pick. But that doesn't mean it's fair, he said.

    And while his lack of playing time early this season might have disappointed some on the outside, it was the kick-start he said he needed.

    "I wasn't going to settle for it. I knew it was a test. I knew the coaches were testing me, just trying to get it out of me," Moss said.

    He has played in the past six games as part of the rotation at defensive end. He's a staple on pass-rush downs, but is working to become a consistent every-down lineman.

    He has 2 1/2 sacks this season — including two against Miami on Nov. 2 — and 22 tackles.

    Moss making strides

    "A lot of these guys come out of college and just want to use their God-given talent, but they don't know what it's like to prepare and work and go through an offseason and learn a game plan. I think he's made some tremendous strides," Broncos coach Mike Shanahan said. "Anytime you're a first-round draft choice, you're supposed to come in and play right away, but it doesn't always happen that way."

    Moss' weight dropped to 244 during training camp, but is now back to 255 pounds. He said he hopes to add at least 5 more pounds — and possibly 10 — in the next offseason.

    "He's got the potential to be one of the great defensive ends," Mattison said.

    The walls of Moss' new home in Parker — the first home that is all his — are covered with memorabilia from his high school and college career and new items from the Broncos, including an orange No. 94 jersey. He's establishing roots in Denver — most notably by becoming a father for the first time when his son, Noah, was born nine months ago.

    Moss, who knew little but familial upheaval as a child, is determined Noah won't ever feel the same.

    "There's a lot for me to teach him," Moss said. "I couldn't be more proud to be his dad. I'm sure one day he'll say the same thing about me."

    Some facts:

    Senior year 2002-03: Suffered a pelvic injury late in his senior season that kept him out of several games. Still, he remained one of the most highly rated recruits in Texas and was a USA Today and Parade all-America selection.

    College: Earned a scholarship to the University of Florida, but played in only two games his first two years in Gainesville because of a pelvic staph infection. He received a medical redshirt his first year. He was put on an aggressive dose of intravenous antibiotics before the 2005 season and played in 11 games as a sophomore. As a junior, he started 13 games and had 7 1/2 sacks and blocked two kicks — an extra-point attempt and a field-goal attempt — in the fourth quarter of a game against South Carolina to save the Gators' national championship hopes. He had two sacks in Florida's national championship game victory.

    2007: Left Florida with one year of eligibility remaining and was drafted No. 17 overall by the Broncos. He played in six games and started one before breaking his fibula Nov. 1. He had surgery and was placed on injured reserve.

    2008: Son Noah was born Feb. 24. Moss' weight dropped to about 244 pounds during training camp and he was a healthy scratch for the Broncos' first two games. Has played in all but one game since and has 2 1/2 sacks as a pass-rush specialist in the Broncos' defensive line rotation. Lindsay Jones, The Denver Post

    Jarvis Moss bio
    Age: 24

    Height: 6-foot-6

    Weight: 255

    Position: Defensive end

    Hometown: Denton, Texas. Was named an All-American by both USA Today and Parade and won two Texas state championships at Ryan High.

    College: Florida; Started 13 games as a redshirt junior in 2006 and had 7.5 sacks while helping the Gators win the SEC and national championships.

    Draft: The Broncos traded up to take Moss at No. 17 in the 2007 draft. He was the third defensive end taken in the draft.

    Professional: Made one start in 2007 before breaking his leg Nov. 1 and spending the rest of his rookie year on the injured reserve. Has played in eight games this season and has 2.5 sacks and 22 tackles as part of the defensive line rotation.

    CanDB's comments:

    I hope Jarvis keeps coming on. He's had some tough things to deal with and he keeps giving all he can to make it. I personally hate the words "choke" and "bust", and in his case, it's very unfair and unwise to label him. I'm behind Jarvis all the way!!!
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    Rock on Jarvis.

    Prove em all wrong!

    And THAT'S, the Cosmic Perspective.


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      Originally posted by Gr3yStreet View Post
      Rock on Jarvis.

      Prove em all wrong!
      Ironically, he's already proved a lot of posters here wrong.


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        First off i am a hug4 fan of his potential and was happy we drafted him.

        He is on the field atleast this year and has made strides. he just needs to finnish those near sacks and he'll be alright.

        It was known he was a devlopemental player. I am lukewarm on his play.
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          I honestly feel he's going to be a very good to great NFL player!
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          "He had a better career than [Hall of Famer Gale] Sayers did, but he is not held in the same regard. Is that fair to Davis?"--Dan Patrick, ESPN

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            Originally posted by silkamilkamonic View Post
            Ironically, he's already proved a lot of posters here wrong.

            I admit, im one of them. I have noticed his play getting better and better. Even against the run, which really surprised me. I'm glad he's proving me wrong about him, just need him to finish off those close sacks now.

            Way to go Moss
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              I believe in this kid. Eventually he will prove that he was deserving of that #17 overall pick.
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                I can see him making some big strides next year and start to turn heads. I think Elvis' performances in his rookie and second year have made us expect too much from Moss. I hope we can hold onto them both and that both improve greatly next year as we'll be able to put in some pretty good pass rush packages. I'm a firm believer that we drafted Moss to be a full time starter vs run and pass and he's showing flashes against both, so hopefully he can claim the starting rush end job next year.

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                  Hes looked decent out there at times lately.I really wasnt happy we wasted an extra pick on this kid when we couldve gotten him anyway.Im pulling for him though and hope he comes up big.


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                    I just reviewed the article I posted, and made a few edits......while reading it again, I realized that I am pulling even more for Jarvis.......anyone who goes through what he has is not only a tough individual but even better in terms of character...he is a survivor, and I want people like him on my squad.

                    Please (no matter what happens to Moss)....refrain from ever calling him a bust ever again!!! He has worked far too hard to be given such a cruel label.


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                      Sorry he doesn't have 20 sacks this year.



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                        I'm pulling for the entire roster at DL !!!!!!!

                        DL has been like crack around here. Year after year we work on DL aventually other spots are going to really suffer like S, LB, RB and OL. We traded for the entire Browns line, picked up big ticket free agents, used our early round picks two years in a row, and etc... Its time to put the pipe down and go with what we got and work on other areas, IMO.

                        I'm a die hard fan and pull for all our players, especially those who really put forth an effort to succed, while trying to stay real and point out glaring weakness. Come on Moss, YOU CAN DO IT!:salute!:
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                          "Jarvis... Keep coming on!"

                          That's what the opposing RB will say as he rushes for over 100 yards.


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                            thats what people dont realize...jarvis has played one full season since his junior year...IN HIGHSCOOL!...yet he still showed enough to earn a first round pick...
                            he has so much potential, and i think he's gonna become the best player on the line in a very short time:salute!:


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                              Originally posted by Broncosinindy View Post
                              First off i am a hug4 fan of his potential and was happy we drafted him.

                              He is on the field atleast this year and has made strides. he just needs to finnish those near sacks and he'll be alright.

                              It was known he was a devlopemental player. I am lukewarm on his play.
                              The first round is not for developmental players. If they viewed him as such then they made a mistake in drafting him. The most likely real purpose for drafting him is that he was probably thought to fit the defensive scheme that was introduced last year, for which he would have been expected to make an immediate contribution, even if he wasn't a starter. Some slack has to be cut for him because he did suffer a season ending injury last year and they did switch schemes this season. That however doesn't make it any less relevant that a first round draft pick was a healthy scratch in the first two games of this season. That's not supposed to happen. Of course first round picks have busted before and some will in the future, but that doesn't change the fact that reasonable expectations were not achieved.

                              The coaches can blow smoke up people's butts all they want, but Moss has not performed on the field for what he's being paid. Maybe he will become what everyone wants him to be, but right now he's still playing catch up. If he's working as hard as they say he is, I'm sure he will be just fine over time, but that doesn't change the fact that the Broncos and apparently many others misjudged him coming out of college. I say that because the Broncos drafted him right around where he was projected to go, but he hasn't performed up to that selection. It happens and that's fine. You have to take the good with the bad some times.

                              The Broncos still need to address the defensive line in free agency or the draft, whether it's to get a pass rusher, run stopper, or both. What they have now isn't working and they can't wait to hope that it does. The offense is horribly inconsistent so the defense is going to have to be fixed.
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