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Hello All - I been lurking a looong time...

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  • Hello All - I been lurking a looong time...

    Hi everyone - decided last night to go ahead and register...

    A little about me - born in a little town in Kansas that you've never heard of, but grew up (from age 2) in Durango,Colorado Springs and Denver.

    I really started to pay attention to the Broncos in the 70's, and became a true fan in 1977 at the ripe old age of 12 (Orange Crush!). I have been true-orange and blue since then, through the low-low's, and the great highs.

    I joined the Army in 1983, leaving my beloved Colorado behind... 20 years later I retired and went to work for a company in Missouri, where I now reside.

    I changed jobs this year, and now work for a company based in Colorado, working out of my home. I'm typically in the Denver area at least a week every month.

    Great forum - I have been lurking here forever, and appreciate the insights, humor and wealth of knowledge the regular posters here have, about the organization, the NFL, and the game in general.

    I'll be perfectly honest - what goaded me in to (finally) registering was the emotional lows of many posters in the "Denver vs NYJ Gameday thread" - I was kinda disheartened by the number of negative posters, so I figured as a true fan that has seen it all with this team that I'd go ahead and sign up - if nothing else to be a voice of encouragement when and where needed.

    Anyone that remembers the dismal beginnings of this organization (quarterback carousel anyone?) or had the misfortune to have to go to work a Broncos fan after our more than horrible Super Bowl losses knows how painful it can be to be a Bronco fan - and we aren't feeling anywhere near that kind of pain now

    Bottom line, ours is an excellent organization that represdents its fans well.

    Looking forward to the young players maturing some, and (hopefully) a good draft - we have the firepower - just need to get the cohesion and get the defense's confidence up.

    Always Faithful!

    (BTW - hope the avatar is acceptable....? My hot rod is a low rider, and I use it on some other sites )
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    Welcome. See you around.


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      Welcome to the boards! It is good to have a long time fan posting here.


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        Welcome from another long time fan. I started watching the Broncos when I was 12 as well in 1974. :salute!:

        Glad to have you aboard.
        :usa: *** God Bless Our Military Men And Women*** :usa:



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          Welcome to the fam!

          Hooray, beer!