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HONESTLY...Now I know this sounds nuts but...

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    I want Champ and DJ back and that's it. And after reading this thread, the "Champ to Safety" thing makes some sense. From the Woodson perspective. I'm not sure I'm for it, but it at least makes some sense.


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      Dammit we need a team of Champs.



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        Originally posted by LordTrychon View Post
        For me it has to do with several things... but as it's not really the main subject of this thread, I'll summarize.

        a) Him shutting down half the field didn't stop anyone from passing all over us...

        b) He was the one that started playing way off the receiver, because it allowed him to diagnose the play and make things happen (sounds like a safety).

        c) Arguably the best open field tackler we have. Definitely the smartest defender.

        d) (More recent addition) Corners have stepped up in his absence and done alright. Safeties... not as much.

        Again... that's just a quick breakdown... but I don't mind him staying at CB. I think he's all-world there... and the fact that I think he'd be just as good and maybe more beneficial at safety doesn't make me appreciate him less.
        Originally posted by armchair scout View Post
        It was summed up well by Mike McCarthy this week. The Packers felt that teams were throwing away from Charles Woodson and thereby wasting his every down talent. Charles Woodson is now a safety starting this week. I think it is the same with Bailey. He is an excellent tackler and a ball hawk. Move him to safety and he becomes a factor on every defensive down instead of just shutting down one player on opposing offenses while the rest of our backfield looks like chopped liver.
        All these reasons make sense. I guess, for ME, I would think that would make sense to 'try' or do in the off-season/pre-season rather than 75% INTO the season. We know Champ has been around for a long time, but playing safety IS different. YOu have a different perspective on the field, differnt steps, different reads..... and the HARDEST part (yes, its a VERY difficult transition).... is the different responsibilities.

        Its COMPLETELY different to be a corner and take your third of the field, passing off WRs to their zones and letting the safety TAKE them and knowing you have safety HELP, than being the guy that TAKES the crossing WR, being passed TO, and then HELPING on the DEEP third of the field. It would take some time.

        I didn't know they were moving Woodson to Safety. Expect him to struggle this week (unless they have been practicing with him at Safety for several weeks, and this isn't just a one week decision/move).

        I remember Rod Woodson moved to safety after his knee injuries. He was all-world at corner (and imo, the best to ever play)... and eventually became a pro-bowl safety. But it wasn't immediate. His move to safety came when he felt (they felt?) he had lost a step at corner.

        I know one thing. If we had a corner that we felt comfortable starting, having Champ in the center would certainly give US a different perspective on the defense.