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    There will be no wild card team coming from the west. Denver has to win the division to make the playoffs. Remember that we lost head to head against the Fins and the Pats. AFC Central has Steelers and Ravens with better record than Denver. Only way in is via a division crown.
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      Originally posted by SkyFlash1 View Post
      Do you suppose the word digest might mean that not all the details are included? Think about it.

      One last time, seeds 3-6 play a wild card game and wether you go into the game with title division winner or wild card, the fact remains that you are playing on week 18 which is referred to as wild card weekend for a reason. The teams in those games are trying to "win a wild card." Trying to tell yourself that you're somehow better because you're a division winner instead of a wild card is bs. This is especially true this year when it is highly likely one or both of the wild card teams will have a better season record than our own.


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        Originally posted by Fat Joe View Post
        Your tellin' me considering he tried to play the rulebook card and got called on it.
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