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vs. San Diego, week 17: BENCH CUTLER.

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    I really don't think the Chargers will intentionally try and hurt us honestly, that's just paranoia...

    Anyways, I think our Starters should atleast play the first half if nothing else to add to the stats column. (Cutler 4,000 yards, etc etc...) After the second half though regardless of score there's no reason to risk injury to our star players at that point. This all of course assuming were in the position to rest our starters come week 17.


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      Yeah, how can they hurt Cutler if they can't even get to him? I mean, I think we should trust the O-Line to protect him. Can't hurt him if you can't get to him. Man I love our O-Line.


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        Originally posted by Taz_bb2 View Post
        Actually, we're up 2 with 4 to play...SD won last night.
        Technically we're up 2 and a half with four to play.


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          Originally posted by BroncoManiac_69 View Post
          Have you completely lost your mind??

          We have not won anything like the division or a home game lately. People are acting like this division is ours and it is not. We haven't won diddly squat yet.

          This week 17 game in San Diego is becoming more and more like the final nail in somebody's AFC coffin.

          I think the cheese has slid off your cracker.

          Ah Dude , your comment has some validity, but c’mon, we are Broncos fans and we need to be a little more optimistic. It is possible for us to lock down the division so let’s try to have a little more faith in our guys.

          About Cutler and starters getting rested if we have the division, I think it is a good idea and sounds logical.


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            Originally posted by BroncosRockdaRockies View Post
            And I can name another 52 players that would go for the Chargers players from that point on if that did happen!
            They didnt last year.

            Epic Fail.


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              screw that **** i want the broncos to beat them at home i dont forget a 41-3beat down last year at home!how i feel about this we are dexter (showtime tv show)and we have cant let a rapist get off the hook we need to slice him up,why back down the chargers dont deserve any mercy.


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                In the scenario presented above ...

                ... it would be interesting to see Shanahan's approach.

                Last season the Giants, with a ton of rookies on their roster, rested no one in their last regular season game vs. the Patriots. Then they proceeded to go on the road trip from hell that put them in the SB right back against New England.

                That would seem to have caused reevaluation of "resting" players in the closing games.

                It would be nice if the Broncos didn't need to win that game and have the option of resting/protecting players, especially Cutler.

                We shall see.
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