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Is Broncos' coaching job the best in football?

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    Originally posted by xxxlibertine View Post
    Your resonse was well thought out and well written. Perhaps I AM too dismissive of Big Al's linebacking skills but on paper he doesn't reach the bar that the other linebackers mentioned in comparison set, both at the ILB position in general and specifically as a Bronco LB.

    He played only eight years as opposed to Junior Seau's 18, (and just resigned by N.E.), Lawrence Taylor's 13, Mike Singletary's 12 years, Gradishar's 10, Tom Jackson's 14, Meckleburg's 12 and Ray Lewis' 12 years. Al did NOT have the physical tools any of those guys had and his early exit was a result of a serious neck injury. His body simply could no longer stand up to the physical pounding. He wasn't that physically imposing although he was more than willing to give it his all. He was in fact the real spine in the defenses in which he played and he kept them focused. However, it was a finesse defense, not built for smashmouth.

    The other LBs mentioned here were game changers. They affected the way the opposing teams schemed and played them and still they made game changing plays on a regular basis, that's why half of them are already in the Hall of Fame. Al Wilson is not headed to Canton . . . In eight years Al accumulated a total of 580 tackles, 450 solo 130 assists. He had a modest 21.5 sacks and a measly five INTs. He scored 1 defensive TD.

    In the same eight year time frame, Lewis had 513 combined tackles, 28 sacks and 23 INTs and 2 defensive TDs. He has since added to these totals and now has 878 combined tackles, 31 sacks and 28 INTs. And he isn't done yet either it would appear . . .

    In Junior Seau's 18 year career, which he has just resumed, he has racked up 56.5 sacks and 18 INTs, three in his LAST campaign. I believe Junior will be in the Hall of Fame someday too.

    Lawrence Taylor amassed 132.5 sacks over the span of his 13 years in the league. Tommy Jackson had 13 sacks in his last four seasons. I don't think they kept a stat category for sacks before that so I don't know how many he had in his first ten years but it was a bunch. Tommy was a load. He scored 3 defensive TDs in his career as a Bronco. Gradishar snagged 20 INTs during his time here and turned 3 of them into TDs and Mecklenburg netted 79 sacks.

    As important as he was to the defenses he played on, he was merely adequate or a little better. But, he WAS the best of the lot during that time. The scheme they were working at the time was predicated on the old cliche that "speed kills" and it's motto was "bend don't break". Although the '05 defense achieved some success, it was as I contend, largely due to the scheme and coaching . . . it was a generic and fizzless imitation. Didn't they start shuffling DCs in and out the next season? Why was that?

    '05 still stands in my mind as Shannahan's finest beginning to end coaching performance. And Big Al still stands in my mind as an over rated over achiever.

    Al wasnt asked to do the same things those guys were. Seau was an OLB, so was LT. The only guy you can compare him to is Ray, and at the time Al hit his stride, he was just as effective as Ray. Our defense was constantly ranked in the top half and the top 10 in total defense when Al was running the middle. He was a different breed of MLB, he wasnt a thumper, although he could and would thump you (ask Tyrone Wheately), but he could go sideline to sideline faster then anyone. Ray is arguably the greatest MLB'er of all time, so to put him on that pedestal is yes, tough. But its like trying to compare Jake Plummer to Steve Young. Similar, but not quite the same.

    Originally posted by Zealander View Post
    Mike Shanahan has done great things here in Denver. However, I often find myself at qualms with my perspective on the man. On the one hand, in instance of this season you see him take a team hosting starting spots largely to rookies and young players.... and we hold the division. He has so many strengths as a coach, I don't feel the need to list them here.

    But a few things really irk me about Shanahan. How do you lose at home to the raiders in such a crucial time in our season? Our roster is vastly superior... it was bad coaching. We weren't prepared and it showed. After loses like those, I see something in his eyes. I feel like he has lost his energy. Many times I have seen a broken Mike Shanahan, with defeat written across his face. Maybe I am misreading him, maybe what I see is simply an aged coach with no less drive and football knowledge than he had ten years ago.

    Then he does something like take his team on the road and beats the Jets. The players all say, "Well... the coaching staff does a great job putting us in a position to win games." If that's what the players say, fine by me. Maybe it was just the personnel who overlooked and did not execute in face of the Oakland. He has the players confidence, Mike Shanahan is still our man.

    We were simply out executed in the Oakland game. Guys were in position, they just made the wrong reads (fullback fake half back toss to McFadden) or made poor tackling attempts (special teams), and alot of dropped passes, it makes life easy for other teams. People forget the Raiders actually do have talent (see: NY Jets @ Oakland, or SD @ Oakland) and can **** with you if your not ready. Thats two bad losses to two bad division rivals. We'll see tomorrow if the youth on this team woke up and smelled the aroma and is going to stomp out a team they should, but last week we werent out coached, we were out executed. We're young and inconsistent, these things will happen. Look at all the prominent perennial contenders in the league, you dont think they had their growing pains? C'mon. Get real.

    Originally posted by Thor View Post
    Mr. FatJoe,
    I'm sorry you took offense by my post, I was not replying to your post but strictly to the main thread " Is Broncos' coaching job the best in football?" Nothing I wrote was directed at you. I logged on, read the main thread and posted a reply, mine just happened to be posted right after yours.
    Again my post had nothing to do with yours. I'm sorry my remarks offended you so much and apologize for that.

    Its all good bro, but thats what irks me about this place. No one takes the time to read through a thread, just first post, post reply, done. Hence why there is just no consistency or good indepth intelligent conversations. Its all good bro, I wasnt trying to be a ****** to you, but it just speaks to whats the norm on this forum.