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DJ Williams prefers to play MIKE (Read and Comprehend)

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  • DJ Williams prefers to play MIKE (Read and Comprehend)

    Lets break this down for those with comprehension difficulties:

    Sometimes you do things that are best for the team and it's not best for you," Williams told a small media gathering Tuesday in his first public comments this offseason. "I feel like if I played one position all four years, I could probably be the top guy at my position or one of the top guys at the weak-side position.
    Meaning: If they would let me stay at MIKE, I'd be the best MIKE in the *entire* NFL, or if they keep me at WILL, I'd be "one of" the best.

    "I already feel like a little knock-around guy, like hey, we can put him here, we can throw him there. But just as long as I was successful at the position. The only position I didn't like playing was 'Sam' (strong side). I hated 'Sam.' But the thing about that is I had the size to play 'Sam.' "
    Meaning: I hate SAM, and reading between the lines, Wesley Woodyard does *not* have the size to play SAM.

    Williams was "surprised" he was returning to weak side, especially after his 141 tackles ranked second in the NFL last season behind San Francisco's Patrick Willis.

    "I enjoyed playing 'Mike' last year. I had fun. I thought I caught on well at the end," he said.

    But when the roster flux began, it became clear he'd be shifting again.

    "The team decided to move me back to 'Will,' so that's what I'm doing," he said.
    Meaning: Williams thought he kicked ass at MIKE. He enjoyed playing MIKE. He did not want to move to WILL, "The Team" decided to move him to WILL.

    Williams stressed his consistent shifts in Denver on the playing field don't mean another move in the future - this one out of town.

    "I like the organization. I like the city. I love how coach (Mike) Shanahan takes care of his players, as far as physically, the offseason program," Williams said. "Everybody around the facility, I like everybody."
    Meaning: DJ Williams is not going to quit the team, nor is there likely any contract language, that suggests he does not want to move back to MIKE, which he prefers anyway.


    He prefers the MIKE position, he thinks he was good at the position, and he thinks he would be the best MIKE in the NFL if they left him there.

    He also says he hated SAM because he hated banging with TEs, but says he had the size to play there. Guess who does not have the "size" to play at SAM? Wesley Woodyard.

    Hopefully this SHUTS UP the people that keep crying not to move DJ because he'd be *mad* about the move. DJ Williams would LOVE to move back to MIKE. And hopefully this SHUTS UP the people that keep saying to simply move Woodyard to SAM as they don't understand that he is too small to play that position and bang with TEs every down.

    Sorry if this offends anyone, but I'm tired of all the threads reporting misinformation on this topic. It is very very likely that DJ Williams moves back to MIKE, Woodyard stays at WILL, and Winborn plays SAM. And all the guys, outside of Nate Webster, would love it.


    I'm adding in this link and little nugget just to conclude this debate:

    Now that D.J. Williams has had a few months to get accustomed to playing middle linebacker, he'd like to stay there for the long haul.

    "I'm very comfortable in the middle and, if it was up to me, I'd play it for the rest of my career," the Broncos' fourth-year player said Friday.

    Williams played the other two outside linebacker spots for Denver before changing again this past offseason.
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    Nice research.

    I've said it before and I'll say it again...

    DJ is a TEAM player, 110%.

    The guy wants to win, and if moving back to MIKE position will help get another playmaker on the field in Woodyard, than he'll be ALL for it.


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      Williams at MLB

      woodyard at Will.....woodyard has the speed. he has the tenacity...all he needs is some experience.

      winborn/webster(JOKE) Sam

      Webster sucks.....maybe put Larsen at SAM.....he is a big dude.


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        If its better for the team & he doesnt mind, then do it. :salute!:

        Im just wondering how it will effect the draft if he changes to MLB?


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          Well, If DJ becomes our MLB, forget about Laurinaitis or Spikes. I believe he has all the tools to be our MLB for years to come, and we can't bench Woodyard because he is a beast.


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            Do you really have to act like you are better than everyone here?

            Sheesh. What an unprovoked comment.


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              mug i got to disagree with you here. He likes WLB best. His quote above says so. He has said it in the past too, but alas....

              If he had stayed at the wlb position he would be the top player there or atleast one of the top players in the league there. Not the mike.

              I dont want to dig up old quotes but he likes wlb best. he has no problem playing mike, but likes wlb the best.

              I do agree he is not going anywhere and is a total team player.

              I still think wes should go to SS where he has played before. But thats a whole other topic. I suppose we will find out where the two will be playing sunday, and it does appear mlb is where dj is headed hopefully he picks up where he left off.

              I love dj but i dont think he has quite the smarts or instinct to be a top mlb in the nfl. Hope i am wrong there too.
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                Originally posted by Broncos6FTW View Post
                Im just wondering how it will effect the draft if he changes to MLB?
                Thats a good question.....I'm all for the move because of 2 parts ...He is by far the best LB the Broncos have currently and can play the MLB position and he is already a unspoken leader on defense..

                The other part would be because of the draft.... I think it would free up a day one pick and even allow the Broncos more freedom in the early part of the draft...With that though I would still look heavily at drafting a LB if the right one was available rounds 1 through 4...Even though the Broncos have seen a improvement in the LB play this year and have decent depth and rookies with some upside...I still would like to see them look for more and continually strive for the Best LB unit football....

                The only counter point I can see here is from Spencer Larsen...

                I thought he looked extremely good for his first looks at the position
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                  "Read and Comprehend"

                  you sure are asking a lot from some member MUG


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                    Originally posted by str8jacket View Post
                    Do you really have to act like you are better than everyone here?

                    Sheesh. What an unprovoked comment.
                    I agree


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                      Originally posted by Broncos6FTW View Post
                      If its better for the team & he doesnt mind, then do it. :salute!:

                      Im just wondering how it will effect the draft if he changes to MLB?
                      I say we still draft Clint Sintim 6-3, 255. If DJ does go to MLB then Sintim can play his natural position of OLB. We could have Sintim as SLB, DJ MLB, and Woodyard, WLB. That would be a pretty decent LB corp.


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                        first of all, i think your way overanalysing an old article. he could just be saying he could be the best OR one of the best at weak. but i've supported doing that since preseason when woodyard turned out to be good, and either way its a way better idea then putting woodyard at MIKE.
                        disclaimer: if the above post appears to contain outrageously illogical content, ITS PROBABLY SARCASM


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                          Whatever happened to calling it ROLB, MLB, and LOLB?

                          How is MIKE an abbreviation for MLB? I don't see it.


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                            Next year:



                            Either one looks solid to me
                            dont let him pull dat move on ya, dont let him pull that move.......................oh no dats da move! TOUCHDOWN!!!

                            I tried to warn ya.


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                              Originally posted by Alcaeus15 View Post
                              Whatever happened to calling it ROLB, MLB, and LOLB?

                              How is MIKE an abbreviation for MLB? I don't see it.
                              What happened was the offensive formation.... can't be a LOLB if you're SAM and the SAM lines up where the ROLB should be(if you're SAM you line up on the "strong" side, WIL on the "weak" side and MIKE in the middle because, well... needed a kick ass name for that one too so he didn't feel left out).... At a lower level with less skill on o then I can see LOLB and ROLB without much need for all the tangibles that differentiate between SAM and WIL.

                              Oh... and MIKE is an abbreviation in "M"- middle. "S" is strong and "W" is... well.. you get the point.
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