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Here is why I like our chances against Panthers

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    On NFLnetwork no one is betting for Denver. The good thing is that most of the time they end up wrong in their predictions.


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      lol not gonna lie bro...i think you're very wrong about players all having equal talent and it doesnt matter...Champ runs a 4.3 and Dre Bly runs a 4.5 almost...and it shows big time...Eddie Royal is way faster than Alex Gonzalez..and it shows ha...but ya man I think we DO have a very good chance to win...we gotta go out there with swagger and know we're the team everybody needs to look out for


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        Living around Charlotte, here's two more reasons we have a good chance against the Panthers: The New York Giants and flex scheduling.

        Ever since the Monday night game against Tampa, the majority of the football related media chatter around Charlotte has been about the 8:00 SNF matchup against the NYG next week, (including the weekly stadium show, Panther Talk) and the NFC playoff implications surrounding that game. The fact that the Broncos are going to be in town this week seems to have merely been a footnote.

        You would think that as professionals, the players try to avoid the media hype, but the media covering the Panthers directly seem to be the ones hyping the NYG game the most.

        Originally posted by Sandy Claws View Post
        While you compare this to previous Broncos victories against the Panthers or earlier this season against the Bucs, keep one thing in mind. Those were in your own house.
        I'm not exactly shaking in my boots. Let's just say that B of A stadium doesn't rank up there with Mile High or Lincoln Financial Field when it comes to crowd noise, or a hostile environment for visitors.


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          Originally posted by AznBroncoFan View Post
          Plus don't we own them ever since they existed? Correct me if I'm wrong but I don't believe the panthers have ever beaten the Broncos before.
          weve only played them twice,but yes were 2-0 against them
          i'm a BRONCO'S fan !:go:


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            Here's why i like our chances...


            Every time all the analysts on ESPN except for one pick us to lose, we win.
            There goes the franchise...


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              Oh and then Madden simulation goes and screws it up... GEEEESH!

              There goes the franchise...