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Clady vs. Peppers

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    I am not worried about who Clady goes up against any more, because his size, agility and technique are undeniable. Peppers is a great player, but he will not enjoy meeting Clady. And he will go the other side as well, so watch how good Harris plays. I'm not trying to act overconfident or brash, but we've faced some very tough defenders this season, and our young tackles, who are just developing basically, have come away with excellent credentials. But I am excited about the matchup(s).

    And part of what makes our game different from Tampa's, is that Jay will have more time than Garcia did, and Jay can pass better as well. Tampa has a better defense for sure, but our game may end up in a shootout, and I like our odds in that type of competition. The golden rule for us.....get ahead or stay close thru 30 minutes, and we'll attack their weary D in the last 2 Q's.

    And through all of this, keep an eye on Kupe, Wieg and Hamie.....they are doing a great job inside!