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Rod Woodson's response to Clady ROW...

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    now people you got to remember he thougot the raiders would be good this year.... so that says it all


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      Originally posted by Bronco Axe View Post
      Is Woodson an Anti-Bronco or what? And that Dukes absolutely has to be THE WORST in HISTORY of sports commentary! Totally annoying!
      Woodson is a jerk !Dukes has picked Royal to have big games the last 2 weeks.He seems to be on the Royal bandwagon,as he should be.The person that drives me nuts is Waddle.He never has anything good to say about Denver.


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        Rod Woodson is a skidmark on the media's underwear!!

        He has nothing knowlegeble to say, he is biased towards the Raiders and Steelers and everyone else sucks, so I say this to you ROD

        Shut your pie-hole!!!

        You were overrated as a player and you are a terrible analyst!


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          props to Dukes


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            woodson is a hater . i dont why this punk is still on tv.


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              Woodson was a decent player, though IMO somewhat over hyped. Too bad too many concussions have left him a brain dead mental midget. He's NOT alone there, though. see Michael Irvin, Joe Theisman. Back in the day, as you young un's like to say, it was HOWARD COSELL who all of us DB fans hated with a passion. Howard had an inexplicable anti-Denver bias which he made no attempt to soften or hide. Some of us old timers still hope Cosell is in Hell, licking sweat off the Devil's testicles. Howard couldn't justify his lack of objectivity on concussions OR old "rivalries".

              Long live Shannon Sharpe!
              uhhh,this ain't Lou from Aurora


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                I called it, I knew that those two idiots would hate on the Broncos winning 2 awards (though to Dukes' credit, he praised Ryan Clady) and they both didn't want Cutler to win the Fedex Air


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                  were talkin about a guy who had his career ended by Barry Sanders and didn't even touch him.


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                    That drug testing comment is kinda like a compliment if you look really close. Pass that *****!!!!

                    Too bad the fans are what drive the nfl, Rod...

                    Whimper whimper... but I'm, whimper, Rod Woodson....
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                      I wouldn't pi** up Woodsons a** if his guts were on fire, freakin feminine hygiene product!


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                        To be honest, though, Cutler shouldn't have won the Air award this week. Sometimes the fans get it wrong, and this was an example.

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