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    I think we can find a very good FB in the draft between 5th-7th rounds and a decent #3 RB in the same rounds, so:

    TB Hillis, Torain, *Tyrell Sutton 5th round pick*, Alridge
    FB Travis McCall or Marquez Branson 6th round pick

    With Hillis able to play FB, I would carry 4 TBs and one FB and may even double up in the draft late to take both FBs above and stick one on the PS. Both are TE/FB type guys which works well for our offense, so whoever shows better blocking in camp gets the starting gig (my guess is McCall, but Branson has more upside IMO).

    R Ayers - B Cofield - A Haynesworth - CJ ohnson
    J Anderson - J Beason - DJ Williams
    R Bailey - P Amukamara - R Hill - A Goodman


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      i love hillis. he reminds me of barber and jacobs, if not just a bit slower. we need his punishing style, great hands too, protecting the ball, and catching on checkdowns. i also love how the guy always fights for extra yards.

      that said, we need someone who can complement hillis, a leaner, faster rb with blazing speed. just like the barber-felix jones, jacobs-ward combination. one can spell the other, and be used in diff situations. that can be torain, who knows?

      if we can get that kind of rb combo and make them stay healthy throughout the season, jay will light it up through the air and the broncos offense will just be unstoppable.


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        I'm not saying hillis is great. but the knocks on him are somewhat unreasonable. "Many about his lack of speed, i personally believe this is in large part because he's white. Let's look at some 40 times

        B. Jacobs 4.56
        Larry johnson. 4.62
        steven Jackson 4.42
        S. Alexander 4.58
        Lendale white 4.64
        M. Lynch about 4.5

        Hillis 4.58

        At the very least he can be a great situational back getting about 10-13 carries. But potentially a 15-20 carry guy if he needs to be. If we could get a speed back that can give 10 carries a game we have an outstanding run attack.

        Further, I don't know how good of a blocking back he is. Shanny benched him at that position this year.
        Get well soon Peyton, Denver loves and saltues you :salute!:

        Thanks for the memories Mike. Good luck, you will be missed. :salute!: