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  • Broncos Fans (introduce yourselves)

    I am new here so i thought i'd take the time to get to know some my my fellow Bronco Fans

    Real Name- Steve

    Location- Mass

    Lenth of time a Broncos fan- i just hoped on the bandwagon

    Fav All time Bronco- John Elway, Vance Johnson

    Fav pig-out food during games- Pizza, beer , Nachos and salsa

    How did you become a Broncos fan- I am originaly a pats fan but the one day, i was severly beaten with an orange and blue a** whooping stick...and i saw the light.

    Do you have your own "end zone" dance- yes i do, it looks like a cross between the "electric slide" and the "humpty dance"

    Hope to meet much more of you
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    Thin Air I'm kinda dissapointed that no one has said Hello. So I'll be the first. Hello and Welcome fellow East Coast Bronco Fan!!!


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      Real Name- chad

      Location- florida

      Lenth of time a Broncos fan- since i first watched football

      Fav All time Bronco- John Elway

      Fav pig-out food during games- beer , Nachos

      Do you have your own "end zone" dance- yes i do

      there is me. and welcom to the board check out my official welcome thread.


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        Real Name- James

        Location- New York

        Lenth of time a Broncos fan- Start of the 2002 Season

        Fav All time Bronco- Al Wilson

        Fav pig-out food during games- Potato Chips

        Do you have your own "end zone" dance- yup

        its quite lonely being the only Bronco fan in town! i hate dealing with crappy New York Teams so i became a full fledged Bronco Fan in 2002! All my other friends call me 'Dirty Bronco Fan' but we'll see come Super Bowl!!
        I dont need a sig...Go Broncos should be good enough.


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          born orange and blue

          My name is Steven and I was born into the Orange crush, in the greatest city, Denver, CO. There are a bunch of players that are my fav. Plays that stick with everytime I watch the Broncos play.
          I am 28 years old, just to give you an idea.


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            newby 2

            Hi my name is Jackie and I've been a denver fan since 1985. I've always been a football fan but never really had a team until I saw Denver playing one Sunday afternoon. Beating the Colts badly. I'm new just like you and I hope to meet and greet with more Bronco fans


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              Hi I'm Mr X, I'm from Vancouver, And been a Broncos fan since I was 9.

              BTW who else thinks Yao Ming pushing this guy down is hilarious?
              *Look Down*


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                yea thas funny im also on the east side good to have more east coasters here welcome


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                  Bronco Fan since kid

                  I first saw the broncos when I was a kid sitting around the Christmas tree. I think I was about eight years old, and I am from Boise, ID. As anybody knows, Idaho does not have a football team to speak of as far as Pros goes. Now I live in Atlanta, GA and I think the ATL Falcons suck big time. LOL I hope that wasn't talkin' trash because it was proven at the 98' Super Bowl when ATL v. Denver, and Denver kicked their little kitoushkas out of the stadium. Well, that is all I have to say now. :o
                  Went to school with Jake Plummer at Capital High School and competed for the pitcher's spot in baseball. Also played basketball with him on the team.


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                    Very Nice to meet you all...home to meet much more of you as we head into the season.


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                      Just wanted to say hi to fellow broncos fans.Im from Aberdeen South Dakota and have been a fan since Craig Morton was qauterback and Red Miller was coach.I also have the honor of having the only broncos liscense plates registerd with the south dakota d.m v. Go Broncos!!!!!!!!


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                        Re: Broncos Fans (introduce yourselves)

                        Originally posted by Thin Air
                        I am new here so i thought i'd take the time to get to know some my my fellow Bronco Fans
                        Hello ya'll I am new too, so allow me to introduce myself...

                        Real Name- Crissi

                        Location- Colorado and Californ-I-A

                        Fave All time Bronco- John Elway(of course), Shannon Sharpe

                        Fave pig-out food during games- Pizza, Hard Lemonade, popcorn to throw at the tv when the other team scores. *lol*

                        How did you become a Broncos fan- I became a Broncos fan when I first came to Denver 2001. I grew up in Cali and so its extrememly hard to love Football when you have the Raiders or the Rams to chose from. (No offence 49ers, you're actually ok) I am an official Raider-Hater. So I'm sure you can now sympathise with me on that one. Plus the color blue has always looked goood on me!*lol*

                        Do you have your own "end zone" dance- Ooooh yeah! Shake your tailfeathers!

                        So as you can tell I'm a girly-girl so lets not pretend I know EVERYthing about football, but I cheer really loud and I have great team spirit! My bf has been trying to teach me though, poor baby! Sooo if there is room in here for a girl who's heart is in the right place but may not know the stats for every HOF I am!



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                          Hey Crissi..we are honored to welcome you to this joint.


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                            Name..... Tony
                            Location... Michigan
                            Length of time as a bronco fan.... 9 years and counting...
                            Favorite all time bronco.... Elway and TD
                            Favorite pig out food during games.... a bag of tatoskins and icetea
                            How did i become a broncofan... i became a fan after that playoff game they lost to the jaguars
                            Do i have my own endzone dance?.... not really, though i usually pump my fists in the air, after someone makes a sweet play.


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                              Awwww, thanx!