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  • Insulin is a hell of a drug


    • Originally posted by bighuka View Post
      All I know is that as a country, we are so divided it is sad and honestly pretty scary if you ask me. It is the people that say "we shouldn't say the pledge of allegance in schools" blah blah blah and all that crap that have brought this country to its current bad spot and I'm sorry to say that as a liberal whether you have fought or not you are grouped right in with those same people, whether you love this country or not. It is good, honest, hard working values that made our country what is WAS and unfortunately the people that DON'T have those values unfortunately do in fact have a voice and they have chosen a leader that holds (or doesn't hold) the same values. I'm sorry to have mentioned it in a football post and will make no more comments it was just nice to see someone stand up and show the voice of REAL AMERICA, something that McCain unfortunately had too much class to do during the election. But sadly, class means nothing when battling people with none, they cannot relate to it.
      Ok good, So when I say your opinion is no more important , correct, or relevant to the Denver Broncos then the people that YOU think have no values and different opinions about state, country or whatever . You wont respond.

      Jay Cutler is here to play football, not to hold your hand and whip your #$$ or prove your political beliefs.
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      • Some of those guys are just that way. It doesn't mean they are stuck up or jerks. They like to focus on what's in front of them and that's the way they are. Champ has always been that way. He just has a different kind of personality to him then say Rod Smith did. Not everyone is the same. I had several players sign a hat for me a few years ago including, Smith, Elam, Plummer, Lynch, etc... Champ was one of them that just kept walking and didn't sign a single thing. I didn't dislike him for it. THat was just his personality. Don't take it so personally! For some, this is just a job and while winning is important to them, signing autographs isn't. Again, it's nothing personal, it's just their thinking and way of life. They don't do it for anyone. Take it with a grain of salt and settle down people.

        Originally posted by broncos1997 View Post
        alright eddie!!!!

        jk. there have been plenty of reports about cutler acting that way. some people just think hes shy and others think he really is a jerk. kind of suprising to see champ that way though, i always thought he was pretty classy and stuff. cps for sharing your personal experiences though!


        • Originally posted by serix5000 View Post
          Insulin is a hell of a drug
          You know, even though you were making a joke. You could very well be on the right track.

          Maybe his blood sugar was low and he didn't feel very good at that moment. For all we know it could be correct.

          We shouldn't make assumptions because the fans were not as enthusiastic about meeting us as we were about meeting them. How would you feel if you meet someone that has really high expectations of you on a personal level that you didn't live up to, and they criticized you about not living up to them.

          If you look at it like that you're in the fault more then Champ and Jay.

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          • Originally posted by 32n33 View Post
            First off the Broncos QB has power over the governor last time I looked.
            If you say something to someone in the mall and they don't acknowledge you then you are a ******! Its called common courtesy. Fans that go to the games on a regular basis DO pay the salaries as do fans that put any money into Bowlen and Cutler's pockets. You are correct that the players don't owe anything to the fans for wearing their jerseys but they also don't have to go out of their way to be rude and obnoxious. I have heard stories about Cutler both that he is an obnoxious little brat and that he was actually very nice and quite down to earth, so it obviously depends on each situation.
            And in this particular case, Cutler did neither.

            8 pages and counting because he didn't wave to a fan.

            8 pages of non stop whining.......:wave:<-------Over this..............
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