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Do the Chargers Deserve to Make Playoffs over the Broncos?? Lets Hear From Them

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    Originally posted by matilack View Post
    What I'm telling you is that your more lucky than good.

    I know DB's drop picks every game, but nobody seems to have more dropped INT's than Cutler. They even mentioned on ESPN last week that he was lucky not to have been picked as many as 7 times!!!

    You guys are as big of fluke as there is in the NFL, if you can't beat Oakland, you can't beat anyone in the playoffs.

    I believe we've split the series with Oakland, beating the crap out of them the first time.

    Also, if you're going to go with the "luck" route, how do you explain your win over the Chiefs? "Waah, it doesn't count because we got lucky and the Chefs choked." A win is a win.

    You've won 2 games from teams that aren't the Raiders and the Chefs.


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      Originally posted by matilack View Post
      I didn't say anything about "almost winning."

      I was merely mentioning your cupcake schedule not including Indy and Pittsburgh, 2 teams I guarantee you'd lose too, and your one game lead in the divison.
      I hope the Broncos get a chance to prove you wrong. We already know the Chargers can't beat them so why should they get to go?


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        Originally posted by CoryWinget81 View Post
        How did the call decide the winner? They had the replay, the TV timeout, all of this time to recollect themselves on Defense.

        They only the the call altered was the fact that SD would have been given a gift turnover that they did nothing to earn.

        Ive said it before, I'll say it again. SD did NOT stop Denver on a less than manageable 4th down. Then they didn't stop them on the SAME EXACT PLAY for the 2pt. conversion
        , which by the way, was Shanny's way of trying to give it back.

        The call was the call. The only thing that call REALLY did, was cause crybaby fans, and people that think that it was the first bad call in the history of the NFL.

        I guess there are two things it did, because, now that I'm thinking about it, the Broncos haven't gotten a call besides that one all year. Do you see me whining about it? If MY team were 6-8 the LAST thing I would be doing is crying about a call in Week TWO.
        This makes me think of something else...

        Even the flash point of the entire Hochuli play - that moment when the ball popped out of Cutler's hand - that was unforced by the San Diego D. Sure, they recovered the-fumble-that-wasn't, but the genesis of the whole thing was caused by a mistake by Cutler and not by some remarkable defensive effort by SD.
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          Originally posted by matilack View Post
          The only thing separating our two records is the Hochuli call, think about that.

          Plus you guys get rocked by teams like KC and Oakland, and we lost by less than a FG to both Indy and Pittsburgh. Not a doubt in my mind the Chargers deserve it more than the Broncos.
          Not a doubt in my mind that you are using a lame excuse, hiding your team's failure behind officiating since the Broncos also lost at least 2 games due to bad calls.


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            If the Broncos lose out and the Chargers win out.. Then yes, they DO deserve it and I would think its common sense at this point. The better team will go and we have 2 games left to decide which team is better. The way they came back against the Chiefs sucked but at the same time you had to admire the comeback.

            I am not going to bash the chargers or the charger fans about this, if they win out then they will be fighting for our division.

            Now I think we can take them in their house if it comes down to that...
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              hell no.....


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                Plain and simple no they dont. We have been division leaders since the beginning of the season so we deserve it.


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                  IMHO, I think Denver wins the division but....

                  playing Indy in the first round sounds dreadful. I don't think you have the defense to stop Peyton.