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    You guys do realize that even if we don't win this game (against BILLS<----) the chargers still need to beat the bux.... never going to happen. It's all the chiefs fault!


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      I dont want to make the playoffs because of the chargers losing.. I want this team to earn it!
      If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn't thinking. --General George S. Patton


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        Earning it will be hard. 10-6 is earning it (maybe). 9-7 and 8-8 usually mean no playoffs, thus not earning it. Although I do agree that it would be nice if WE got the playoff clincher, it still will be short lived (not the playoffs, the clinchness excitement of it). As of yesterday, I have decided that we will go to the superbowl and get our asses kicked by panthers (again). LETS GO ROYAL CUT MARSHALL!!!! that actually sounds like a good name.

        Royal Cut Marshall - A king who is also good dj?


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          Originally posted by biggymac609 View Post
          According to Rotoworld:
          Champ Bailey (groin) was pleased with the progress he has made after Wednesday's practice.
          "It looks closer this week than it did last week," Bailey said. He'll run through his usual set of pre-game warmups Sunday before making a decision.

          and also despite clady not practice, he expects to play!
          Broncos rookie LT Ryan Clady missed practice Wednesday with an ankle injury, but is expected to play in Week 16.
          "It's just sore," Clady said. "I should be able to play." He's had an excellent rookie season, allowing just a half sack to date, and the Broncos will need him to move some bodies this week against Buffalo.

          GOO BRONNCOOS!!
          I don't think I want them to play unless they're 100% or well maybe at least 98%. If we can't beat Buffalo without them we don't deserve to win. We'll need them for the post season more than against Buffalo and if they get reinjured because they tried to come back too soon it won't be good.