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Just to clear up a few things on W. Woodyard

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    Originally posted by imh View Post
    I didn't know he was down to 212. He is listed at 230 everywhere and if he is 212 that may be proof they are trying to keep him on the field by making him a saftey. The guy plays fast in pads and alot of good LB's have gotten ran over this year by Turner and Stewart. I think Woodyard is a good LB that makes the team better. On the other hand he is a rookie and has long way to go if he wants to be a starter.

    I admit that WW does not dominate like my all time favorite ROLB Jackson but he is a play maker and can make things happen. He might not be ready for the NFL but has been thrown out there due to injury and is making the most of it. The coaches obviously like him and want the energy he brings on defense. Time will tell if Woodyard will be good enough but I am very high on him. I like they way he plays and conducts himself. He is a natural leader. Woodyard is a winner that leads by example, and infects the locker room with positive energy. We need guys like this on our roster.

    My favorite comment about Woodyard comes from Scott Isaacs:

    Wesley Woodyard/Kentucky - Woodyard is a hard worker and a hell of a player. He made 138 tackles in an always-tough SouthEastern Conference and I think that he could end up being a starter with the instincts he has. The guy takes good angles to the ball and, as far as I can tell, would try to tackle a Hummer if it was carrying the ball and that curries favor with me. The guy seems to be smart, fearless and good at tackling so I think he's definitely worth a look. Although I could be slightly biased as a UK fan. ;-)
    Bro they say on the site Moss is 265 and he addmitted this summer to being 245 i remember in highschool my coach asked me how tall i was i said 5'10 and he marked me down at 6' dude people have been doing this sort of thing for years
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