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Well Its All But official: Peytons Coming to Town*The Other One*

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    Colts have an amazing pass defense.

    Colts have a crappy run defense.

    Guess wich one of those we can't do.


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      Originally posted by Hatake. View Post
      Colts have an amazing pass defense.
      where was i when this happened??


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        Originally posted by japfaff View Post
        I hope to god something happens and we dont have to play Indy. That game would get ugly. We would be soundly beaten at home but 2 TD's. I dont think that we would ever knock Manning down, and the only time he would walk off the field is after another TD pass..... Indy/Denver match-up has all the making of another 42-14 beat down

        We don't knock down any qbs, no matter which team they play on.


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          Originally posted by MNBroncosFan View Post
          I see the only way to beat Indy, is the way we did it during that regular season game a few years back in Indy. We RAN the ball all game long and kept Manning off the field. He was going crazy on the sidelines because all he could do was stand there and watch. We controlled the clock for like 40 minutes. Remember that game? We actually blew them out. The only way I see a win is to POUND the football and right now we don't have the type of back to do that. That's my opinion.
          I was at that game. The reason Manning was pacing was because he only played the first seris of downs. Then was back ups for the remainder of game. It was a meaningless end of season game. 2001. I remember it welll. It was the postponed game from 9/11/01 moved to 1/5/02. A week later Denver game back and was embarassed on national television. It was a bad week to be a Denver fan living deep in the heart of Colt territory.


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            Originally posted by Cutler=Elway View Post

            Same guy who said 4-6 wins shouldn't be allowed to predict anything...Well, Ya, go ahaid since your so good at it maybe the reverse will happen...Preseason-during the season, All you do is knock us...We can play with any team...No matter if its Baltimore,Indi, Whoever...1.You never thought we would get there so thats just gravey.2. Whoever we play you still in your heart of hearts think we will win.3. We are at Mile High for a playoff game...Never thought that would happen HUH!!!!!.
            Yeah I said we were a 6 win team.... And look at us we are a 8 win team that was gotten a couple nice breaks... We can play with any team?? Really didnt you see the NE or the Caronlina game? Which game this year makes you think that this team can play with anyone? This team plays when it wants to, and it rarely plays hard (the Jet game was the one game agianst a real team that they showed anything) and you expect this team with a solid passing game no running game and no D to beat Indy (A team that has destroyed them 2 of the last 3 trips into the playoffs)..... Denver is lucky to be in the spot that they are in..... A team in the worst Division, that needs to win this weekend or they risk going into a playoff situation one week early.
            Thanx Blondie79 for the sweet Sig....Love it and I will rock it with pridesigpic