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    I'm not sure if anyone else here has any experience in doing strength and conditioning for elite athletes, but from my experience I have to give the opinion that very few of the injuries that have occured this year are due to a problem in the strength and conditioning program. Ligament injuries are very hard to prevent, basically just the luck of the draw on how you take a hit or take a step. The torn hamstrings generally occur because the tendon gets pulled away from the bone, and while that connective tissue can become stronger due to strength training, it is often relitevely weak compared to the muscle due in large part to the massive size of the muscle, and rapid increase in muscle size over just a few years. As for Champ's groin, well that is an extremely hard muscle to properly warmup before a game and a very easy muscle group to pull. One bad step and its very easy to pull, no matter what you did in preparation.

    This being said, I'm sure that the S&C coaches will implement some changes in the offseason to see if some tweaks will help the players, but chances are it's mainly just a bunch of bad luck.

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      Originally posted by Grizzly2971 View Post
      To be honest, if conditioning was the main cause, we would see a spat of injuries across the roster, not just in the backfield.

      I wondered if having tweeners like Young, Hall and the like is the main cause since 200 pounder can't take a beating like a 250 pounder, but we have some bigger boys (Torain, Hillis) on IR as well.

      I think we have been tremendously unlucky at the RB position.

      On the other hand, Mike should have a solid group of RBs make the roster for next season from this group. All have shown good potential...although I think Hall and Young have probably played their way off the roster.
      I completely agree with the first statement. Being a "tweener" is not a cause, however, because injury risk increases when a person is overweight.

      The fact that we are losing a bunch of running backs instead of guys at every position makes me think we should do research on the running back position. I was thinking maybe there is a connection between job title and injury risk and running backs have a higher injury risk than wide receivers and tight ends. But how can you prove that? If that idea is disproved, all I can say is we had bad luck, especially considering SAC does not prevent all types of injuries we have suffered this season.

      Remember some injuries just happen. Nothing could have prevented Jay Cutler from spraining his right index finger because he hurt it by hitting a helmet, not throwing the ball. Ligaments connect bones and don't move like tendons, so it is impossible to stretch them. Also, no matter how well you condition yourself, you can't prevent an awkard movement or landing that results in damage to a ligament, bone, nerve, meniscus, or disk. Only tendon and muscle injury risk is reduced by SAC. To prevent everything else, you have to not play football at all.


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        I swear if another Broncos RB goes down Sunday, it is the Strength and Conditioning Coach's fault.


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          Originally posted by RIP#27#29 View Post
          I swear if another Broncos RB goes down Sunday, it is the Strength and Conditioning Coach's fault.
          if another rb gets hurt sunday we need to resign lynch as a back

          he would be the team lynching back